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  03/07/24 EVA sends Jordon Walker, Kyle Bradish, Mason Miller and 3(24-MON) to CAS for Ethan Salas,Jackson Merrill and 1(24-WOT).
  03/05/24 CAS sends 1(25-CAS), 2(25-CAS) and Robby Snelling to BK9 for Sonny Gray anddraft picks.
  03/05/24 YOC sends 2(25-YOC) and Austin Slater to BK9 for Ian Happ and 245 points.
  03/05/24 HSG sends Brent Rooker and Oscar Colas to EVA for 2 points.
  03/02/24 CAS sends Whit Merryfield to CHR for 4(24-CHR).
  03/02/24 NFD sends 500 points to MIN for Jorge Polanco.
  03/01/24 HSG sends Kevin Kelly, Jorge Soler and Matt Strahm to MMA for Ranger Suarez, Lane MCullers Jr and Sixto Sanchez.
  03/01/24 HOT sends Cedric Mullins to CAS for 1 point.
  03/01/24 MIN sends Clay Holmes to CAS for 500 points.
  03/01/24 PHX sends 5(24-PHX) TO MON Reese McGuire.
  03/01/24 PHX sends Nick Pratto and Michael Grove to EVA for 2 points.
  02/29/24 HSG send Nick Madrigal to SJV for 1 point.
  02/29/24 SJV sends 1000 points to MIN for ryan Pressly.
  02/29/24 NEN sends 1 point to HSG for Chris Taylor.
  02/29/24 HSG sends Max Muncy to CAS for 1 poinr.
  02/29/24 EVA sends Nick Pratto and Michael Grove to PHX for 2 points.
  02/14/24 EVA sends 4(24-SJV) and Graham Ashcraft to CAS for 2(24-MIN).
  02/12/24 MIN sends Jose ramirez, Emanual Case, Eddie rosario and 2(24-MIN) to CAS for Elly DeLa Cruz, David Bednar and David Bednar.
  02/11/24 MIN sends Yu Darvish to BK9 for 1 point.
  02/11/24 MON sends 1 point to SJV for Joey Meneses.
  02/11024 CAS sends 1 point to EVA for Nick Pivetta.
  02/11/24 WOT sends 1 point to EVA for Esteury Ruiz.
  02/08/24 CAS sends Hunter Brown to EVA for Vinnie Pasquantino and 1(24-WOT).
  02/07/24 BK9 sendsLuis Matos and Camilo Doval to EVA for 2(24-SJV), 2(25-EVA) and 3( 24-SJV).
  02/04/24 HSG sends 1 point to SJV for Nick Madrigal.
  02/03/24 HSG sends Adbert Alzolay to HOT for Jazz Chisolm.
  02/03/24 CHR sends Jack Flaherty to EVA for 5(24-EVA).
  02/03/24 NFD sends 2 points EVA for Lamonte Wade Jr. and Dominic Smith.
  02/03/24 NEN sends 1 point to EVA for Sam Huff.
  02/03/24 EVA sends Vaughn Grissom, Tyler Soderstrom and Emmanual Rivera to HSG for 3 points.
  02/03/24 EVA sends Ketel Marte to SJV for Jeremy Pena.
  02/03/24 YOC sends 2(25-CAS) to CAS for Brusder Graterol.
  01/31/24 YOC sends Freddie Freeman to CAS for 1(24-CAS), 3 (24-CAS) and 2 (25-CAS).
  01/31/24 YOC sends Bryce Elder and 2(24-YOC) to BK9 for Tristan Casas and 2(24-BK9).
  01/28/24 MON sends Andrew Vaughn and Henry Davis to WOT for Josh Hader.
  01/27/24 EVA sends 1 point to MON for James Karinchak.
  01/26/24 BK9 sends 1 point to EVA for Myles Straw.
  01/08/24 EVA sends 1000 points, 4(24-EVA) to MON for Lars Nootbar.
  01/08/24 EVA sends 1 point to WOT for Luis Rengifo.
  08/30/23 EVA claims Joey Bart and releases Tucker Barnhardt.
  08/30/23 EVA claims Emmanual Rivera and releases Patrick Wisdom.
  08/30/23 WOT claims Casey Mize and releases Cory Kluber.
  08/30/23 LIS claims Carter Kieboom and releases Jared Walsh.
  08/30/23 EVA claims Carlos Hernandez and releases Jake Odorizzi.
  08/30/23 LIS sends Zach Eflin and Clark Schmidt to CHR for Rhys Hoskins and Ryan Helsley.
  08/26/23 MON sends 1000 points, Tucker Barnhardt and 3(24-MON) to EVA for Lars Nootbar.
  08/19/23 HDB sends Willson Contreras and Daniel Bard to YOC for William Contreras, Winn Cole and 3(24-YOC).
  07/31/23 EVA sends Eugenio Suarez to MON for Patrick Wisdom.
  07/30/23 HSG claim Adbert Alozay, Yasmani Grandal,Rich Hill and JJ Bleday and releases Keegin Akin, Gary Sanchez, Kris Bubic and Gavin Sheets.
  07/30/23 EVA claims Jack Suwinski and releases Genesis Cabrera.
  07/30/23 CAS claims Joey Gallo.
  07/27/23 MMA sends Kolton Wong, Bailey Falter, Pete Crow-Armstrong and 3(24-MMA) to EVA for Anthony Rizzo, Bryan Abreu and Jake Cronenworth.
  06/29/23 MIN claims Ryan Jeffers.
  06/29/23 WOT claims Noelvi Marte and releases Adalberto Mondesi.
  06/29/23 CAS claims RP Will Smith and releases Andrew Heaney.
  05/30/23 EVA claims Sam Huff and releases Joey Bart.
  05/30/23 HSG claims Jorge Solar and releases Trevor Larnach.
  05/30/23 PHX claims Keegan Thompson.
  05/30/23 EVA claims Ketel Martin and releases Steven Matz.
  04/29/23 HSG claim Brent Hooker and Matt Strahm and release Nicky Lopez and Daniel Lynch.
  03/31/23 EVA releases Sam Huff and sends 2(24-CAS) to MMA for Anthony Rizzo.
  03/30/23 EVA claims Yuli Gurriel, Jordon Hicks and Eugenio Suarez and releases Josh Donaldson.
  03/30/23 YOC releases Noelvi Marte and claims Robbie Grossman.
  03/28/23 EVA sends Christopher Morel To SJV for 3(24-SJV).
  03/28/23 EVA releases Cade Cavalli.
  03/22/23 EVA sends Joey Meneses to SJV for [P] Max Muncy, Domingo German and Sam Huff.
  03/22/23 EVA sends Dylan Moore andd 500 points to MON for Joey Meneses.
  03/22/23 NEN sends [P] Oscar Colas to HSG for Cionel Perez.
  03/21/23 EVA sends 400 points to YOC for 4(23-YOC) and 5(23-YOC).
  03/21/23 MMA sends 3(23-MMA-COMP) to EVA for 750 points.
  03/21/23 NFD sends 250 points to CAS for 4(23-CAS).
  03/21/23 CHR sends 4(23-CHR) to NFD for 250 points.
  03/21/23 MON releases Toussaint.
  03/21/23 EVA releases JJ Bleday, Mitch White and Chris Paddack.
  03/21/23 EVA sends 3(24-EVA) to WOT for Myles Straw.
  03/20/23 EVA sends 2(23-MMA-Comp) to MON for 500 points.
  03/20/23 EVA sends 1500 points to MMA for 2(23-MMA-Comp).
  03/20/23 CAS sends 3(23-CAS-Comp) to EVA for 750 points.
  03/20/23 EVA sends 2(23-MIN) to CAS for 2(23-CAS-Comp) and 2(24-CAS).
  03/16/23 EVA sends Johnny Cueto to SJV for Tyler Soderstrom.
  03/16/23 MMA sends Johnny Cueto, Christopher Morel to EVA for 2(23-SJV-Comp38) and 5(23-MMA).
  03/15/23 HOT sends 1(23-HOT) to EVA for 1(23-SJV), 1(24-MIN) and Quinn Priester.
  03/06/23 EVA sends 3(23-MMA), 3(23-YOC), 3(23-MIN) and 4(23-MMA) to SJV for 2(23-SJV-Comp) and 2(23-SJV-Comp).
  03/04/23 EVA sends 1(23-NEN) to WOT for 1(24-WOT) and [P] Cade Cavalli.
  03/04/23 MIN sends Justin Turner to CAS for 1 point.
  03/04/23 MIN sends Daniel Lynch to HSG for 1 point.
  03/03/23 YOC sends Amed Rosario, Vaugn Grissom and 3(23-YOC) to EVA for Dansby Swanson.
  03/03/23 HOT sends Orlando Arcia to NFD for 1 point.
  03/02/23 YOC sends Bryse Wilson to EVA for 1 point.
  03/02/23 HSG sends Garrett Cleavenger to MMA for Mike Cleavenger.
  03/02/23 HSG send Patrick Wisdom to MON for 1 point.
  03/02/23 MIN sends Drew Smyly to HDB for 1 point.
  03/02/23 MON sends Nick Pivetta to EVA for 3(23-PHX).
  03/02/23 MON sends Garrett to SJV for 1 point.
  03/02/23 CHR sends Kyle Farmer to NFD for 1 point.
  03/02/23 CHR sends Yon Gomes to MIN for 1 point.
  03/02/23 MIN sends Francisco Lindor and JD Martinez to MON for Carlos Correa.
  03/02/23 MIN sends 2(23-MIN),3(23-MIN) and 1(24-MIN) to EVA for 3000 points.
  03/02/23 MMA sends Kyle Hendricks to CAS for 1 point.
  03/02/23 NEN sends Tony Kemp to CAS for 1 point.
  03/02/23 MIN sends Jameson Taillon to PHX for 750 points.
  03/02/23 HOT sends JJ Bleday to EVA for 1 point.
  02/24/23 MMA sends Trey Turner, Joc Pederson and Nick Castellanos to CAS for Jose Urquidy, Ranger Suarez, 2(23-MMA) and 3(23-CAS).
  02/23/23 YOC sends Whitt Merrifield to CAS for 1 point.
  02/23/23 NFD sends Tucker Barnhardt to MON for 1 point.
  02/23/23 MIN sends Taylor Rogers tpo PHX for 1 point.
  02/22/23 EVA sends 2 points to SJV for Ryan Yarbrough and Dominic Smith.
  02/21/23 LIS sends Gary Sanchez to HSG for 1 point.
  02/21/23 HSG sends Manny Machado to PHX fir Luis Robert, Gavin Lux and Yusei Kikuchi.
  02/21/23 MON sends Kris Bubick to HSG for 1 point.
  02/20/23 YOC sends Kyle Wright and Bryan Abreau to EVA for 1(23-CAS), 2(23-SJV) and 2(24-EVA).
  02/19/23 EVA sends [P] Max Muncy and [P] Tyler Soderstrom to SJV for 4(23-SJV).
  02/18/23 MON sends Dansby Swanson and 2000 points to EVA fpr Oniel Cruz and 1(24-EVA).
  02/15/23 WOT sends 1 point to YOC for Wade Miley.
  02/12/23 SJV sends Kenta Maeda to HSG for 1 point.
  02/12/23 EVA sends Mitch Garver to SJV for 1 point
  02/12/23 EVA sends 2 points to SJV for Dominic Smith and Ryan Yarbrough.
  02/04/23 HOT sends Adrian Houser to CAS for 1 point.
  02/04/23 EVA sends 2(23-MMA) to CAS for Mitch Keller.
  01/30/23 CAS sends Joe Musgrove and Austin Riley to MIN for Alez Kiriloff, Nick Lodolo, Shane Baz, Robert Hassell and 1(23-MIN).
  01/29/23 EVA sends 1 point to PHX for Jake Odorizzi.
  01/29/23 WOT sends 1 point to HOT for Matthew Liberatore.
  01/26/23 WOT sends Brusdar Graterol and Ranger Suarez to CAS for Starling Marte and Eguy Rosario.
  01/20/23 HSG sends Byron Buxton to MIN for Max Kepler, Keston Hiura, Nate Pearson and Josh Winder.
  01/19/23 EVA sends Taijuan Walker, Erik Swanson, Daulton Varsho an [P] Drew Jameson to SJV for Alek Thomas, Emmanuel Rivera
    2(SJV-24) and 2500 points.
  01/18/23 NEN sends Mookie Betts to WOT for Tyler Anderson, Adolis Garcia and Brandon Marsh.
  01/17/23 EVA sends 1 point to PHX for Eric Hosmer.
  01/17/23 HSG send 1 point to PHX for Chris Taylor.
  01/17/23 PHX sends Lamont Wade Jr and 500 points to EVA for Zach Jackson.
  01/13/23 EVA sends Wilson Contreras, 2(MON-23) and 4(23-EVA) to HDB for Joey Bart, Sammy Long, Mitch white and [P] Kyle Harrison.
  01/11/23 EVA sends Jose Iglesias and Michael Pineda to SVJ for 500 points.
  01/10/23 PHX sends catcher Will Smith to WOT for Ozzie Albies and Hunter Green.
  01/07/23 MMA sends Jose Iglesias and Wilson Contreras to EVA for Kolton Wong, Dane Dunning, Kyle Hendriks and Omar Narvaaez.
  01/07/23 EVA sends 5(23-EVA) to WOT for Vidal Brujan.
  01/03/23 WOT sends Amed Rosario and 2(23-WOT) to YOC for Jon Berti and 1(23-MON).
  01/02/23 SJV sends Carlos Correa to MON for Jarred Kelenic and James McCann.
  01/02/23 HSG sends 4 points to EVA for Patrick Wisdom, Galvin Sheets, Jake Myers and Trevor Larnach.
  12/30/22 MMA sends Gavin Sheets, Trevor Larnach, Patrick Wisdom, 2(23-NEN), 2(23-MMA), 3(23-MMA), 4(23-MMA), 5(23-MMA) to EVA
    for Jesus Lazardo, Lance McCullers, Collin McHugh, Domingo Acevedo, Anthony Rizzo, Christian Yelich and 4000 points.
  12/28/22 HSG sends 1 point to WOT for Joe Adell.
  12/26/22 WOT sends Oneil Cruz, Dane Dunning and Quinn Priester to EVA for Andres Gimenez.
  12/21/22 EVA sends [P] George Valera, [P] Asa lacy, Matt Chapman and 3(23-EVA) to HSG for Lance McCullers, Collin McHugh and Mitch Garver.
  12/20/22 EVA sends Taylor Trammel and Jake Woodford to CHR for 2 points.
  12/20/22 HSG send 1 point to WOT Nicky Lopez.
  12/20/22 HSG sends 4 points to EVA for Jorge Mateo, Michael Wacha, Leodys Taveras and Cody Bellinger.
  12/19/22 EVA sends Bryce Harper, Sean Murphy and Wander Franco to MMA for Jesus Lazardo, Omar Narvaez, 1(23-MMA), 1(23-NEN),
    1(23-CAS), 1(23-SJV), 2(23-MON), 3(23-EVA) and (4-23 EVA).
  12/19/22 EVA sends 750 points to CAS for Asa Lacy,Drey Jameson, Steven Matz and Jake Cronenworth.
  08/31/22 HOT claims Nick Gordon, Griffin Jax and Hirokazu Sawamura and drops Pedro Severino, Cavin Biggio and Lewin Diaz.
  08/31/22 YOC claims Ross Stripling.
  08/31/22 NEN claims Joe Jimenez and Randal Grichuk.
  08/31/22 HAV claim Chad Pinder.
  08/31/22 WOT claims Anthony Bass and Sam Haggerty and releases Seth brown and Corey Kluber.
  08/31/22 MON sends 1(23-MON) and Ryan Weathers to YOC for 2(23-YOC) and Yasmani Grandal.
  08/20/22 HSG sends Bryson Stott to CHR for Joey votto.
  08/20/22 CAS sends Ian Happ to HDB for Avisail Garcia.
  08/17/22 HSG sends Jose Berrios to MSM for Trevor Bauer.
  07/31/22 WOT claims Noe Ramirez and releases Garrett Richards.
  07/29/22 NFD promotes Orelvis Martinez to the 40 man roster.
  07/26/22 HSG promotes Xavier Edwards and Taj Bradley to teh 40 man roster.
  07/24/22 LIS promotes Jasson Dominguez to the 40 man roster and releases Jackson Frazier.
  07/20/22 MON promotes Francisco Alvarez to the 40 man roster.
  06/30/22 HAV claims Johan Oviedo and releases Zach McKinstry.
  06/30/22 WOT claims Kory Kluber and Rafael Montero and releases Steven Strasburg and Griffin Canning.
  06/30/22 YOC claims Jon Berti.
  06/30/22 NEN claims Tommy Pham and Jonathon Villar.
  06/30/22 WOT sends Wil Crowe to HDB for Jake McGee.
  06/22/22 HAV  sends Tyler Soderstrom to the minors.
  06/22/22 NEN promotes Jarren Duran to the 40 man roster.
  05/31/22 WOT claims Ha-Seoung Kim and Miles Mikolas and releases Ken Giles and Victor Robles.
  05/31/22 YOC claims Martin Perez and releases Jordan Yamamoto and Steven Brault
  05/31/22 CAS claims Carlos Carrasco
  03/31/22 HAV claims Christian Pache and Daulton Jeffries.
  03/31/22 MIN claims JD Martinez.
  03/31/22 HSG claims Evan Longoria.
  03/26/22 HAV sends Josh Bell, Luis Patino, Gavis Sheets, Luke Weaver and 1(23-CAS) to MMA for Christian Yelich, Justin Steele,
    Jake Woodford and [P] Max Muncy.
  03/26/22 HSG sends Johnny Cueto to MMA for 1 point.
  03/26/22 MON sends Matt Harvey to MMA for 50 points.
  03/25/22 HAV sends 5(22-SJV) to SJV for 1 point.
  03/25/22 HSG sends Anthony Rizzo to HAV for 1 point.
  03/25/22 HAV sends Joc Pederson, Trevor Larnach and Luis Campasano to MMA 4(22-WOT), 4(22-HAV), 4(22-YOC), and 4(22-MON).
  03/24/22 HAV sends Garrett Hampson, Justin Dunn and Braxton Garrett to MMA for Taijuan Walker.
  03/24/22 HAV sends Max Muncie to MMA for 2(22-HAV-Comp).
  03/23/22 HAV sends 3(23-HAV) and 4(23-HAV) to MMA for 3(22-MMA) and 4(22-MMA).
  03/23/22 MMA sends 2(22-MMA) and 2(22-MON) to NEN for 1(23-NEN).
  03/23/22 MON sends 2(23-MON), 4(22-WOT) and 4(22-YOC) to MMA for 2(22-YOC).
  03/23/22 HAV sends 2(22-MMA), 2(22-HAV-Comp), 1(23-SJV), 2(23-NEN), Austin Meadows, Carter kieboom, sixto Sanchez and Michael Conforto
     to MMA for Bryce Harper, Taylor Trammell and 1000 points.
  03/20/22 CAS sends Nick Castellanos to MMA for Frankie Montas.
  03/17/22 HAV sends Steven Matz to CAS for 3(22-CAS) and 5(22-CAS).
  03/16/33 HAV sends 3(22-HAV), 3(22-CAS) and 1500 points to CAS for 2(22-MON) and 4(22-HSG).
  03/13/22 HAV sends 5(22-HAV) to YOC for 100 points.
  03/11/22 HSG sends 3(22-HSG) to HDB for Adam Engel.
  03/11/22 CAS sends Trevor Larnach, 1(23-CAS) and 3(22-CAS) to HAV for Brandon Lowe and [P] Drey Jameson.
  03/10/22 HSG sends Christian and Brusdar Gratoral to WOT for Buster Posey
  03/09/22 HAV sends 4(22-MIN) to NFD for 250 points.
  03/09/22 CAS sends 1(22-CAS), 1(22-CAS-Comp), CJ Abrams and Buster Posey to WOT for Yadier Molina and Jose Urquidy.
  03/05/22 CHR sends Yumero Petit to PHX for 1 point.
  03/05/22 HOT sends Victor Reyes to NFD for 1 point.
  03/04/22 CHR sends Daulton Varsho and Chris Paddock to HAV for 3(22-HAV-Comp) and 2(23-HAV).
  03/03/22 HSG sends Joey Gallo to PHX for 1 point.
  03/03/22 MON sends JD Davis to NBR for 1 point.
  03/03/22 MON senes Lorenzo Cain to YOC for 100 points.
  03/03/22 PHX sends 3(23-PHX) to HAV for Charlie Blackmon.
  03/03/22 PHX sends Zack McKinstry and Victor Gonzalez to to HAV for 1 point.
  03/03/22 SJV sends Carter Kieboom, Sexto Sanchez Humberto Castellanos and 4(23-SJV) to HAV for Logan Webb and 3(22-YOC).
  03/03/22 HOT sends Braxton Garrett and Evan White to HAV for 2 points.
  03/02/22 HOT sends Harold Ramirez to PHX for 1 point.
  03/02/22 HOT sends Garrett Cooper to MON for 1 point.
  03/02/22 MON sends Curt Casali to PHX for 1 point.
  03/02/22 MON Andres Gimenez, Justin Dunn and 2(22-MMA) to HAV for Dansby Swanson.
  03/02/22 MON sends Brusdar Graterol to HSG for 1 point.
  02/24/22 CAS sends 1(22-HAV) to MON for 2(22-HSG) and 2(22-MON).
  02/23/22 CAS sends Trent Grisham, Luis Arias and 2(22-CAS) to LIS for Kenley Jansen and Sterling Marte.
  02/19/22 HAV sends Anthony Desclafani, Roberto Perez, Josh Hader and 1000 points to SJV for Kyle Hendricks,
    [P] Drey Jameson, 4(22-SJV), 5(22-SJV) and 2(23-SJV).
  02/19/22 WOT sends 3(22-WOT) and 4(22-WOT) to MON for Amed Rosario.
  02/16/22 HSG sends Shane Baz, Randy Arozarena,Drew Smyly, Emilio Pagan and Tommy Pham to MIN for Jose Berrios, Mitch Garner and Byron Buxton.
  02/15/22 CAS sends [P] Luis Campasano and Luis Patino to HAV for Buster Posey and 3500 points.
  02/14/22 CAS sends Austin Meadows and 3(22-HAV) to HAV for David Bednar and Charlie Morton.
  02/12/22 MON sends Kevin Gausman and Brett Phillips to HSG for Kyle Lewis , Marcus Stroman and 2(22-HSG).
  02/12/22 HAV sends 1(22-HDB) to LIS for Kolten Wong.
  02/10/22 HAV sends [P] Robert Hassell, 3(22-HDB), 3(22-SJV) to MIN for Josh Hader and 4(22-MIN).
  02/10/22 WOT sends Lance McCullers and 5(22-WOT) to HSG for Shane McClanahan, Stephen Strasburg, Victor Robles and 2(23-HSG).
  02/10/22 NEN sends 2(23-NEN) to HAV for Ramon Lauriano.
  02/08/22 HSG sends Yu Darvish, Nate Pearson, and Chris Flexen to MIN for Brandon Woodruf, David Dahl and Emilio Pagan.
  02/07 22 HAV sends Richard Rodriguez to WOT for 1 point.
  01/30/22 NEN sends German Marquez to HAV for Enrique Hernandez, Mark Melancon and 500 points.
  01/29/22 WOT sends Alex Cobb to SJV for 3(23-SJV) and 500 points.
  01/29/22 HAV sends 3 points to CAS for Enrique Hernandez, Joc Pederson and Mark Melancon.
  01/28/22 HAV moves [P] Tyler Soderstrom to their 40 man roster.
  01/28/22 CAS sends [P] Robert Hassell to HAV for Paul Goldschmidt, Dinelson Lamet and Jesse Winker.
  01/27/22 CAS sends Josh Donaldson to MON for David Price.
  01/26/22 WOT sends Cody Bellinger to HAV for 1(23-HAV).
  01/26/22 HTD sends Charlie Morton, Charlie Blackmon, 1(22-HTD), 3(22-HTD) and 1000 points to HAV for Adam Engel, [P] Triston Casas,
    JT Bruebaker and Sean Manaea.
  01/26/22 CAS sends 2(23-CAS) to HOT for JD Martinez.
  01/26/22 HOT sends Taylor Clark to HAV for 1 point.
  01/26/22 HOT sends Nick Senzel to HAV for 1 point.
  01/25/22 CAS sends Rich Hill to HTD for Brandon Crawford.
  01/25/22 CAS sends Jeimer Candelario to PHX for Kyle Gibson and Phil Bickford.
  01/25/22 CAS sends Garret Richards to WOT for 1 point.
  01/23/22 HSG sends Bo Bichette, Kris Bryant, Sonny Gray, JP Feyereisen and [P] Edward Cabrera to HTD for Manny Machado, Colin McHugh
    and Austin Slater.
  01/23/22 WOT sends David Bednar and Jose Alvarez to HAV for Seth Brown and 1(22-MON).
  01/23/22 WOT sends JD Davis to MON for 1 point.
  01/23/22 MON sends 500 points to YOC for Aroldis Chapman.
  01/22/22 WOT sends Craig Kimbrel andMichael Fulmer to HSG for Vidal Bruhan, Chase Anderson, Jake Arrieta, Kyle Freeland, Shelby Miller,
    Jose Quintana and 1(22-HSG).
  01/22/22 HOT sends Cedric Mullins and 1000 points to HSG for Nathaniel Lowe, Andrew Benintendi and Francisco Mejia.
  01/22/22 MON sends Aaron Bummer to PHX for 1 point.
  01/18/22 PHX sends George Springer to HAV for [P] Drew Waters and Luis Garcia (2b).
  01/18/22 PHX sends Robbie Ray, Blake Treinen and 2000 points to HSG for Luis Castillo, Jordon Montgomery and Ryan Thompson.
  01/16/22 MON sends Michael Pineda and 1(22-MON) to HAV for Eloy Jimenez.
  01/15/22 MON sends Michael Conforto and Matt Chapman to HAV for Kris Bubik and Darren Fletcher.
  01/11/22 WOT sends Will Smith to PHX for 1 point.
  01/10/22 HAV sends 1(22-SJV) to WOT for Josh Bell.
  01/10/22 HAV sends Kyle Hendricks to SJV for 1 point.
  01/10/22 HAV sends Marcus Semien to SJV for 1(22-SJV), 3(22-SJV) and 1(23-SJV).
  01/10/22 HAV sends Spencer Howard to WOT for 1 point.
  01/09/22 HAV sends Brusdar Graterol to MON for 1 point
  01/06/22 HAV sends James Kaprielien to HOT for Heriberto Hernandez.
  01/06/22 HAV sends 50 points to WOT for JT Brubaker.
  01/05/22 WOT sends Buster Posey to HAV for [P] Daulton Jeffries.
  08/29/21 NEN claims Madison Bumgarner.
  08/29/21 WOT claims Nick Pivetta, Wade Myley, Michael Fulmer and Jose Alvarez and releases Christian Walker, Orlando Arcia,
    Kristian Robinson and Tim Locastro.
  08/06/21 YOC sends [P] Huascar Ynoa and [P] Patrick Wiegel to PHX for Chris Martin.
  07/31/21 LIS sends Chris Paddack and [P] Oswald Peraza to CHR for Wil Myers, Alex Dickerson and 1045 points.
  07/31/21 LIS releases Sean Newcombe.
  07/31/21 HAV sends 1(22-HAV) to CAS for Dinelson Lamet and 754 points.
  07/31/21 HAV releases Marwin gonzalez and Tyler Beede.
  07/31/21 HOT sends Kyle Hendricks, Aaron Slegers, Zack Britton, Cole Kalhoun and 1900 points to HAV for Andrew Houser,
    Jesse Hahn, Austin Hayes and 1(22-NEN).
  07/31/21 HOT claims Kyle Schwarber and releases David Bote.
  07/31/21 YOC claims Ryan Sherriff and Yolmer Sanchez.
  07/31/21 MON sends Colin McHugh to HDB or Aaron Bummer.
  07/31/21 PHX sends 500 pointes to YOC for [P] Victor Vodnik.
  07/31/21 YOC send Garret Hamson and 3(22-YOC) to HAV for Mike Brosseau.
  06/30/21 NFD claims Jean Segura and releases Jose Trevino.
  06/30/21 HAV claims Danny Duffy and releases Merrill Kelly.
  06/30/21 CAS claims Craig Stammen.
  06/30/21 HAV claims Marco Semien and releases Andersen Tejada.
  06/30/21 NFD claims Jimi Garcia and releases Sergio Romo.
  06/30/21 CAS claims Jonathan Loasiga.
  05/30/21 CAS claims Carlos Rodon.
  05/30/21 HAV claims Anthony Desclafani and releases Austin Voth.
  03/25/21 YOC sends 4(22-YOC) to MON for 250 points.
  03/25/21 LIS sends Masahiro Tanaka to HAV for 2(22-SJV).
  03/23/21 MON sends Touki Toussaint to YOC for 250 points.
  03/22/21 HAV sends Jameson Taillon to MIN for 3(21-MIN).
  03/22/21 HAV sends 2(21-NBR) and 2(21-CAS-Comp) to CAS for 2(21-SJV).
  03/22/21 NEN sends 3(21-NEN) to HAV for 200 points.
  03/21/21 NEN sends 1(22-NEN) and Tristin Casas to HAV for 1(21-HOT).
  03/21/21 HAV sends Nico Hoerner and Austin Riley to CAS for 2(21-CAS) and 2(21-CAS-Comp).
  03/21/21 HAV sends 100 points to SJV for 3(21-SJV).
  03/20/21 HAV sends 100 points to SJV for 4(21-HAV).
  03/20/21 MON sends 4(22-MON) to NBR for 2(21-NBR/Comp), 2(22-NBR) and Chad Pinder.
  03/20/21 HAV sends Nick Ahmed to SJV for 3(21-HAV).
  03/20/21 NBR sends Alec Mills and 2(21-NBR) to HAV for 2(22-HAV) and 4(22-HAV).
  03/13/21 HAV sends Kyle Gibson to PHX for 1 point.
  03/07/21 HOT sends Jake Arrieta, Brendan Rodgers and Edward Cabrera to HSG for Javier Baez.
  03/06/21 CAS sends Tyler Duffy to NFD for 1 point.
  03/06/21 HDB sends Jose Altuve to HSG for 1 point.
  03/05/21 MON sends Blake Treinen to PHX for 1 point.
  03/05/21 CAS sends Paul Goldschmidt and 1000 points to HAV for 1(21-CAS) and 2(21-SJV).
  03/05/21 NEN sends [P] Michael Kopech, Chase Anderson and Kyle Freeland to HSG for Brad Hand and Pete Fairbanks.
  03/05/21 MON sends Mike Zunino to HSG for 1 point.
  03/04/21 HAV sends [P] Pete Crow-Armstrong and [P] Brett Bady to MON for Steven Matz
  02/23/21 HSG sends Matt Libertore, Heirberto Hernandez, Ryan McMahon, Nick Senzel, John Curtiss, [P] Grayson Rodriguez, Aaron Sledgers,
    JD Martinez and 2(21-HSG) to HOT for Anthony Rizzo, Max Muncy, Mike Moustakas, Carlos Rodon,Jose Alvarado, Koby Allard,
    Jeff Brigham, Austin Dean, Robert Duggar, Jared Hughes, Cesar Puello, Jose Qijada, Stephen Tarply and Trent Thornton.
  02/22/21 WOT sends Nick Ahmed to HAV for 4(21-SJV).
  02/21/21 YOC sends Ramon Laureano to HAV for 1(21-SJV).
  02/20/21 HAV sends 2 points to HOT for Carlos Estevez and Jordan Yamomoto.
  02/20/21 HSG send Sean Manaea, Jesse Winker, 1 point and 1(21-HSG) to HAV for 1(21-HAV),Joey Gallo and Marcus Semien.
  02/20/21 HOT sends 1(21-HOT) to HAV for Kyle Tucker and 2(21-HAV).
  02/18/21 SJV sends Eugenio Suarez and 3000 points to NBR for Rowan Wick and 3(21-HAV).
  02/15/21 HAV releases [P] Mason Thompson.
  02/15/21 HAV sends Tony Gonsolin and 3(21-CAS) to YOC for [P] Drew Waters.
  02/15/21 WOT sends Carlos Carrasco and 5000 points to MON for 2(21-MON).
  02/15/21 WOT sends Marcus Semien to HAV for 1 point.
  02/15/21 SJV sends 1(21-HAV) and Scott Kingery to HAV for Raimel Tapia, Freddy Peralta and Ryan Yarbrough.
  02/14/21 HAV sends Christian Pache, Austin Meadows and 3(22-HAV) to CAS for 1(21-CAS), 3(21-CAS) and [P] Mason Thompson.
  02/13/21 WOT sends Steven Strasburg to HSG for 1 point.
  02/12/21 HAV sends Tommy Pham to HSG for Raimal Tapia.
  02/12/21 WOT sends tommy Pham to HAV for 1 point.
  02/11/21 HSG send Miguel Cabrera to WOT for 1 point.
  02/11/21 HAV sends Nathan Eovaldi to NEN for 1 point.
  02/11/21 HAV sends Mitch Haniger to CHR for 1 point.
  02/11/21 HAV sends Jacoby Jones to SJV for 1 point.
  02/11/21 HAV sends Matt Chapman and Blake Treinen to MON for 2(21-HAV), David Fletcher and [P] Brett Bady.
  02/09/21 HSG send Martin Maldonado to SJV for 1 point.
  02/08/21 HAV sends 1(21-HAV) to SJV for Spencer Howard, 1(21-SJV) and 2(22-SJV).
  02/08/21 SJV sends Jake Marisnick to MON for 1 point.
  02/02/21 HAV sends Jose Urena and Reynaldo Lopez to WOT for 2 points.
  02/02/21 WOT sends Edwin Diaz to MON for 1 point.
  02/01/21 MON sends [P] Pete Crow- Armstrong and Franklyn Kilome to HAV for Joey Wendle.
  02/01/21 HAV sends 4(21-HAV) and 5(21-HAV) to SJV for Brusdar Graterol.
  08/31/20 NBR claims Matt Strahm and releases David Robertson.
  08/31/20 SJV claims Shaun Anderson, Devin Smeltzer and Tanner Roarke and releases Ryon Healy, Roman Quinn and Jaime Barria.
  08/31/20 LIS claims Framber Valdez and releases Justin Upton.
  08/31/20 HAV claims Logan Webb, Austin Voth and Daniel Ponce de Leon and releases Craig Kimbrel, Jimmy Nelson and Gregory Polanco
  07/31/20 RRR claims Jarod Hughes and releases Tyler Skaggs.
  07/30/20 NEN sends Hector Neris to LIS for Ken Giles.
  07/01/20 CAS sends Anthony Desclafani, Brett Gardner and Adam Eaton to NBR for Dinelson Lamet, Trent Grisham, 1(21-NBR) and 1086 points.
  05/31/20 RRR claims Jonathon Lucroy and releases Zach McAllister.
  04/30/20 SJV clains Kurt Suzuki and releases Brett Phillips.
  04/30/20 MOM claims Ty Buttry, Griffin Canning, and Wander Suero.
  03/29/20 HAV claims Kyle Gibson and releases Austin Voth.
  03/19/20 NEN sends 3(20-NEN), 4(20-NEN) and 5(20-NEN) to MON for 2(20-MON).
  03/16/20 2020 General Draft
  03/08/20 HAV sends Raisel Iglesias to SJV for 1 point.
  03/08/20 HAV sends Hunter Renfro, Chad Green and 2000 points to SJV for 4(21- SJV) and 5(21- SJV).
  03/08/20 HAV sends 4(20-NBR) and 4(20-HAV) to NBR for 100 points.
  03/08/20 HDB sends Hunter Pence to PHX for 1 point.
  03/08/20 HSG sends Hunter Renfro, Raisel Iglesias, Jimmy Nelson and 2 points to HAV for 1 point.
  03/08/20 HSG sends Kyle Schwarber to MON for 500 points.
  03/08/20 PHX sends Raimel Tapia to HSG for 1 point.
  03/07/20 MIN sends Willians Astudillo to CAS for 1 point.
  03/06/20 WOT sends Mitch Haniger to HAV for 1 point.
  02/25/20 HAV sends George Springer to PHX for Tony Gonsolin, Mallex Smith and 2(20-PHX).
  02/23/20 HAV sends [P] Taylor Trammell, [P] Jesus Lazardo and 3(21-HAV) to NBR for Joey Wendle, Luke Weaver and [P] Nico Hoerner.
  02/21/20 HAV sends Cal Quantrill to MON for 1 point.
  02/21/20 CAS sends Dansby Swanson and Franmil Reyes to HAV for Colin Poche, Didi Gregorious and Enrique Hernandez.
  02/20/20 HAV sends [P] Brusdar Graterol to SJV for 2(21-SJV).
  02/18/20 HAV sends Aroldis Chapman and JD Martinez to HSG for Freddy Peralta, Colin Poche, Craig Kimbrel, Khris Davis and Zach Eflin.
  02/18/20 HAV sends Steven Duggar to SJV for 500 points.
  02/17/20 HSG signs [P] Matt Liebertore to their 40 man roster.
  02/17/20 HSG sends Aaron Hicks to CAS for Jesse Winker.
  02/16/20 HAV sends Yasmani Grandal, Trevor Story and [P] Bryan Abreau to MOM for [P] Christian Pache, [P] Wander Franco,
    Didi Gregorious, Roberto Perez, Austin Riley and 2(21-MOM).
  02/16/20 HAV sends Jean Segura to NBR for 4(20-NBR).
  02/15/20 CAS sends Josh Naylor, [P] Taylor Trammell and Ryan Yarbrough to HAV for Madison Bumgarner, Joc Pederson,
    Alex Colome and 3500 points.
  02/14/20 MIN sends Brett Gardner, Luis Urias and [P] Trevor Larnach to CAS for Brandon Woodruff.
  02/14/20 MIN sends Madison Bumgarner, [P] Brusdar Graterol, 1(20-HAV) and 2(21-MIN) to HAV for Patrick Corbin.
  02/12/20 MIN signs [P] Brusdar Graterol to their 40 man roster.
  02/09/20 HSG sends Nick Pivetta to HAV for 1 point.
  02/02/20 NEN sends Ryan Buchter to HAV for 1 point.
  01/30/20 NEN sends Enrique Hernandez to HAV for 1 point.
  01/29/20 HSG sends Chris Archer to HAV for 1 point.
  01/29/20 HAV sends Dallas Keuchel and 1(20-HAV) to MIN for Jameson Taillon and Joc Pederson.
  01/28/20 MON sends Brandon Lowe to HAV for David Fletcher.
  01/27/20 SJV sends Ivan Nova to HAV for 1 point.
  01/27/20 MON Sends Jorge Soler, Martin Prado and Jed Lowrie to MOM for Brandon Lowe.
  01/27/20 HAV sends Mike Trout, Lourdes Gurriel and Ryan O'Hearn to MOM for Daniel Murphy, Austin Meadows, 1(20-HAV),
    2(20-MOM) and 4(20-HAV).
  01/25/20 HSG sends Justin Smoak to SJV for 1 point.
  01/25/20 HDB sends Tommy Pham and Buster Posey to WOT for [P] Forrest Whitley, [P] AJ Puk, Yandy Diaz, Yan Gomes
    Dylan Cease and 3(20-WOT).
  01/25/20 SJV sends Cesar Hernandez to HAV for 1 point.
  01/21/20 MON sends Mark Cahna to HAV for 2(21-HAV).
  01/20/20 WOT sends JD Martinez and Ryan Zimmerman to HAV for 2 points.
  01/11/20 SJV sends Mike Trout, Dallas Keuchel, [P] Jorge Mateo and Trevor Story to HAV for Ronald Acuna, Carlos Correa
    [P[ Nick Madrigal and 2(20-HAV).
  01/05/20 CAS sends [P] Jesus Lazardo and 2(20-HAV) to HAV for Paul Goldschmidt, Max Scherzer and 3000 points.
  01/04/20 WOT sends [P] Kyle Tucker, [P] Bryan Abreau and Reynaldo Lopez to HAV for Justin Verlander.
  08/31/19 NEN claims Sam Dyson and Travis d'Arnaud and releases Erasmo Ramirez.
  08/31/19 WOT claims Jeff Samardjiza and Howie Kendrick and releases Hunter Greene and Jose Peraza.
  08/31/19 NBR claims Elvis Andres.
  08/31/19 NEN claims Lance Lynn and releases Caleb Frare.
  08/17/19 NBR sends Billy McKinney to HAV for 5(20-HAV).
  08/10/19 SJV sends Gregory Polanco to HAV for Joe Kelly.
  08/02/19 RRR sends David Robertson and pays his contract to NBR for David Bote.
  07/31/19 CAS claims Trevor Hildenberger.
  07/31/19 LIS claims Tommy Kahnle and releases Jose Pirela.
  07/31/19 NBR claims Liam Hendricks and releases Luis Gohara.
  07/31/19 WOT claims Giovani Gallegos and releases  Max Stassi.
  07/31/19 HAV claims Cal Quantrill.
  07/27/19 MIN signs [P] Royce Lewis to their 40 man roster and releases Gabriel Moya.
  07/24/19 HDB sends Kyle Crick and 401 points to NBR for 3(20-NBR).
  07/04/19 HDB releases Dan Otero.
  07/04/19 HAV sends Matt Boyd and Griffin Canning to HDB for Patrick Corbin.
  07/04/19 CAS sends Carlos Gonzalez, Jean Segura and 1,701 points to HAV for Dansby Swanson and Franmil Reyes.
  05/31/19 LIS claims Ken Giles and releases Tyler Wade.
  03/30/19 FLP claims Evan Gattis.
  03/30/19 SJV claims Brett Phillips.
  03/27/19 CAS sends 2(20-CAS), Lou Trivino, Kirby Yates, Rick Porcello and Shawn Kelley to NBR for Josh Donaldson, Brent Honeywell,
    Ian Happ, Jesse Winker and Alex Gordon.
  03/24/19 CAS sends Yadier Molina and Michael Brantley to FLP for Jorge Alfaro and Jean Segura.
  03/24/19 MOM sends 4(19-MOM) and 5(19-MOM) to HAV for 4(20-HAV).
  03/23/19 HAV sends Austin Pruitt, 2(20-HAV) and 3(20-SJV) to CAS for Corey Knebel and 1500 points.
  03/23/19 HAV sends 3(19-NFD) to SJV for 400 points.
  03/22/19 MOM sends 3(19-MOM) to MON for 350 points.
  03/22/19 MOM sends 3(19-CAS) to LIS for 400 points.
  03/22/19 HAV sends Jonathon Schoop to FLP for 3(19-RRR) and 4(19-FLP).
  03/22/19 NEN sends Jonathon Schoop to HAV for Domingo Santana, 3(19-SJV) and 4(19-CAS).
  03/21/19 HAV sends 2(19-NEN) to MON for 2(19-MON) and 2(19Comp-MON).
  03/21/19 CAS sends 2(19Comp-CAS) to MON for 750 points.
  03/20/19 2019 General Draft
  03/20/19 RRR sends Dylan Bundy to NBR for 1 point.
  03/13/19 HAV sends 3(20-HAV) to HSG for 3(19-HSG).
  03/10/19 RRR sends Dansby Swanson to HAV for DJ Lemahieu.
  03/09/19 HAV sends Ryan McMahon to HSG for 2(19-NEN).
  03/09/19 HAV sends Victor Arano to CAS for Jeremy Jefress.
  03/09/19 SJV sends Ryan McMahon to HAV for 5(19-SJV).
  03/09/19 CAS sends Jhoulys Chacin to NEN for Anthony Desclafani.
  03/06/19 MOM sends Pedro Baez to NEN for 1 point.
  03/06/19 MON sends Wil Myers to CAS for 1 point.
  03/06/19 HSG sends Josh Bell and [P] Mitch Keller to CAS for 1 point.
  03/05/19 HAV sends Ivan Nova, Mike Foltynewicz, Trevor Williams, Max Fried, Adrian Gonzalez and [P] Austin Beck to SJV for Max Scherzer
    and 1(19-SJV).
  03/05/19 HAV sends 3(19-HAV), [P] Grant Lavigne to HDB for Steven Duggar.
  03/05/19 MOM sends Jeimer Candelario to CAS for 1 point.
  03/05/19 WOT sends Zack Godley, Garrett Richards and Aaron Sanchez to CAS for 3 points.
  03/05/19 WOT sends Chris Archer and Martin Maldonado to HSG for 2 points.
  03/04/19 SJV sends Domingo Santana to HAV for 1 point.
  03/04/19 HAV sends Steve Pearce to MIN for 1 point.
  03/04/19 HAV sends Josh Reddick, Gregory Polanco and Brian Goodwin to SJV for 5(19-SJV), Victor Arano and 1 point.
  03/04/19 HSG sends Addison Russell to CAS for 1 point.
  02/17/19 MOM sends Yu Darvish and Kevin Kiermaier to HSG for [P] Travis Swaggerty, [P] KeBryan Hayes and Cole Hamels.
  02/17/19 HAV sends Aaron Hicks to HSG for Gregory Polanco.
  02/17/19 MOM sends George Springer, Bobby Goodwin and Aroldis Chapnman to HAV for Stephen Piscotty, Chad Kuhl, [P] Garrett Hampson,
    Adam Frazier and 1(19-NEN).
  02/17/19 PHX sends Byron Buxton and Collin McHugh to MIN for Carlos Santana, [P] Luis Robert and Jon Gray.
  02/17/19 MOM sends Joakim Soria to NEN for 1 point.
  02/15/19 HAV sends Adam Eaton and Jesus Luzardo to CAS for Adrian Gonzalez and Charlie Blackmon.
  02/10/19 HAV sends Colin Moran to SJV for 3(20-SJV).
  02/09/19 HSG sends Ryon Healy, Ryan McMahon, Richard Rodriguez, Jake Faria and Vince Velasquez to SJV for Cole Hamels,
    Brad Hand and Jimmy Nelson.
  02/09/19 HAV sends Yolmer Sanchez to NEN for 1 point.
  02/08/19 HAV sends Ian Kinsler to CAS for 1 point.
  02/06/19 MOM sends Alex Colome, Adam Eaton, Max Fried and 4000 points to HAV for Ramon Laureano, 3(19-CAS) and 1(20-HAV).
  01/31/19 SJV sends DJ Lemahieu to HAV for Cesar Hernandez.
  01/30/19 HSG sends Trevor Williams, Ivan Nova, Edgar Santana, Joe Kelly, Steve Pearce, Colin Moran and Yolmer Sanchez to
    HAV for Kris Davis, Nick Pivetta, Hunter Renfroe, Sonny Gray, Ryan McMahon and Ryon Healy.
  01/28/19 CAS sends Ivan Nova to HSG for Jonathan Lucroy, Rick Porcello and Corey Knebel.
  01/28/19 PHX sends Justin Wilson to MON for Jake Odorizzi.
  01/27/19 PHX sends Clayton Kershaw to CAS for Jon Lester, Nick Martini and 1(20-CAS).
  01/20/19 WOT sends Craig Kimbrel to HSG for 1 point.
  01/19/19 HSG sends Hyun-Jin Ryu to LIS for Justin Smoak and Jordon Montgomery.
  01/19/19 PHX sends Yasiel Puig to RRR for Brian Dozier.
  01/18/19 MON sends Ian Kinsler, Steven Piscotty and 2(19-HAV) to HAV for Robert Gsellman, Chad Pinder and Jorge Soler.
  01/17/19 NEN sends Sonny Gray to HAV for 1 point.
  01/15/19 NEN sends Justin Verlander, Paul Goldsdchmidt and 2400 points to HAV for Kyle Freeland, Felix Hernandez and Matt Olson.
  01/15/19 HAV sends 500 points to HDB for Josh Reddick.
  01/12/19 CAS sends Martin Prado to MON for 100 points.
  01/12/19 HAV sends Mike Fiers to NEN for 1 point.
  01/11/19 CAS sends [P] Jesus Lazardo, [P] Austin Beck and Ramon Laereano to HAV for Nickolas Castellanos and 2(19-CAS).
  12/28/18 HAV sends Mallex Smith to PHX for Cesar Hernandez.
  12/27/18 HAV sends German Marquez to NEN for 1(19-NEN).
  09/02/18 MIN claims Wei-Yen Chen.
  09/02/18 LIS claims Matt Strahm and releases Brandon Drury and Chris Owings.
  09/02/18 WOT claims Francisco Cervelli and Jose Leclerc and releases Keon Broxton, Frances Martes and Andrew Cashner.
  09/02/18 NBR claims Tony Watson and Ben Zobris and releases Nate Jones and Kent Hiura.
  09/02/18 CAS claims Sam Dyson, Derek Holland,Tyler Clippard, Shawn Kelley, Hector Rondon and Jeremy Jeffress and releases Simon Castro
    Yordano Ventura and Chris Hermann.
  09/02/18 CAS sends Carlos Carrasco to LIS for 2000 points and 3(19-LIS).
  09/02/18 CAS sends Jake Arrieta and Brandon McCarthy to MON for 2900 points, Martin Prado and Bryan Shaw.
  08/07/18 WOT claims Anibal Sanchez, Clay Bucholtz and Nick Markakis and releases Wei Yen Chen, Michael Feliz and Zack Collins.
  07/08/18 HAV claims Junior Guerra and releases Lucas Sims.
  07/08/18 MON claims Richard Bleier and releases Jharel Cotton.
  06/09/18 HAV claims Lucas Sims and releases Mark Leiter.
  04/30/18 FLP sends Mike Moustakas and Michael Taylor to RRR for Alex Reyes and Manny Machado.
  04/30/18 HAV sends Dustin Pedroia and 500 points to CAS for Enrique Hernandez and 3(19-CAS).
  04/08/18 HDB sends Aaron Nola and 1(19-HDB) to FLP for Nelson Cruz and Danny Duffy.
  04/07/18 2018 General Draft
  04/03/18 RRR sends 3(19-RRR) to FLP for 500 points.
  04/02/18 SJV sends 3(18-SJV) to HAV for 500 points.
  04/01/18 HDB sends 3(18-HDB), 4(18-HDB) and 5(18-HDB) to LAS for 500 points.
  03/30/18 MON sends 1(18-MON) and 2(19-NEN) to HSG for 1(18-PHX).
  03/30/18 SJV sends 1(18-SJV) to HAV for Johan Camargo, Derek Fisher, [P] Jorge Mateo and 2(18-SJV).
  03/21/18 WOT sends Marwin Gonzalez, David Hernandez, Ivan Nova, Brandon McCarthy and Chad Green to CAS for Chris Sle and David Price.
  03/12/18 NEN sends 2(19-NEN) to MON for 2(18-MON).
  03/11/18 CAS sends 4(18-CAS) to LAS for Cam Bedrosian.
  03/10/18 HAV sends 500 Points to CAS for [P] Lazaro Armenteros and [P] Jorge Mateo.
  03/09/18 MON sends Enrique Hernandez to CAS for 1 point.
  03/09/18 HDB sends Josh Tomlin to FLP for 1 point.
  03/08/18 MON sends Robert Gsellman to HAV for 2(19-HAV).
  03/08/18 HAV sends Maikel Franco to HDB for 2(18-HDB).
  03/01/18 HSG sends Jason Heyward to PHX for Denard Span and Ichiro Suzuki.
  02/28/18 HAV sends [P] Kevin Maintan and [P] Brent Honeywell to NBR for 25 points.
  02/28/18 NFD sends Ian Desmond and 2000 points to CAS for 1(19-CAS).
  02/28/18 NFD sends Kendall Graveman and 3(19-NFD) to HAV for 2(18-FLP).
  02/28/18 HSG sends Elias Diaz and Andrew Gossett to HAV for 2 points.
  02/25/18 CAS sends Danny Valencia, Lonnie Chisenhall and Kenta Maeda to SJV for Travis Shaw.
  02/21/18 WOT sends Maikel Franco to HAV for 1 point.
  02/20/18 HAV releases [P] Sean Reid-Foley.
  02/20/18 LAS sends [P] Ronald Acuna, Dustin Pedroia, Frankie Montas, [P] Ryan McMahon, Johnny Cueto and Johan Camargo to
    HAV for Yu Darvish, Whit Merrifield, Bryce Harper and [P] Lew Brinson.
  02/18/18 NBR sends Zach Greinke to LAS for Julio Teheran, [P] Luiz Gohara, Nate Jones and Jose Fernandez.
  02/17/18 NBR sends Jonathon Villar to SJV for 1 point.
  02/16/18 NEN sends Jake Odorizzi to MON for 1 point.
  02/15/18 CAS sends Ryan Braun to HDB for 1 point.
  02/15/18 CAS sends Bruce Maxwell to HAV for 1 point.
  02/14/18 CAS sends Julio Urias, Ben Zobrist, Dellin Betances, Jonathan Lucroy, Daniel Gossett, Tyler Naquin, Paul Blackburn, 1(18-HAV)
    and 1(18-PHX) to HSG for Charlie Blackmon, JD Martinez, Yadier Molina, David Robertson and [P] Jose DeLeon.
  02/11/18 HAV sends Miguel Cabrera to HSG for 1 point.
  02/11/18 HSG sends Yu Darvish, Steve Brault and 5000 points to HAV for Anthony Senzatela.
  02/11/18 HAV sends Riley Pint to HDB for Aaron Hicks.
  02/04/18 SJV sends Hoby Milner to HAV for 1 point.
  02/04/18 PHX sends Patrick Corbin and [P] Mitchell White to HDB for Wade Davis.
  02/02/18 HAV sends Domingo Santana, Jimmy Nelson, Carl Edwards, Travis Shaw, James McCann and 1(19-HAV) to
    SJV for Bryce Harper, Hunter Renfroe, Matt Olson, Ricardo Pinto, Nick Pivetta, Curtis Granderson and 2(18-SJV).
  01/23/18 RRR sends Eric Thames to CAS for 50 points.
  01/22/18 PHX sends Stephen Piscotty to MON for Ryan Madson.
  01/21/18 CAS sends Boog Powell to HAV for 3(18-HAV).
  01/21/18 PHX sends AJ Schugel to HAV for 1 point.
  01/21/18 CAS sends Clayton Kershaw to PHX for Will Myers, Kenta Maeda, Julio Urias and 1(18-PHX).
  01/13/18 PHX sends Khris Davis to HAV for Ramiel Tapia.
  01/13/18 HAV sends Jonathon Lucroy and 7000 points to CAS for 5(18-CAS).
  01/12/18 HAV sends Kolton Wong to LIS for 3(18-LIS).
  01/11/18 MON sends Adam Jones, Jose Batista and 1000 points to RRR for Adeiny Hechavarria and Jharel Cotton.
  01/10/18 RRR sends Jon Lester to CAS for 100 points.
  01/10/18 WOT sends Derek Fisher to HAV for 2(18-HAV).
  01/09/18 FLP sends 3(18-FLP) and 750 points to SJV for Rhys Hoskins and Jake Thompson.
  01/09/18 HAV sends Trevor Rosenthal to SJV for 1 point.
  01/09/18 HAV sends Corey Dickerson and Archie Bradley to FLP for Felix Hernadez and 2(18-FLP).
  01/09/18 MON sends Hansel Robels to HAV for 1 point.
  01/09/18 MON sends Tyler Lyons to NEN for 1 point.
  01/09/18 HAV sends Randall Delgado to NEN for 1 point.
  01/08/18 FLP sends Sean Reid Foley to HAV for 1 point.
  01/08/18 FLP sends Todd Frazier and Bryan Shaw to MON for 2 points.
  01/08/18 FLP sends Jason Hammel and Mike Fiers to HAV for 2 points.
  01/06/18 NEN sends Tyler Thornburg to SJV for 1 point.
  01/06/18 NEN sends Logan Forsythe to HAV for 1 point.
  01/05/18 HAV sends Caleb Joseph to NEN for 1 point.
  12/28/17 CAS sends Matt Chapman, [P] Sean Murphy, 2(19-CAS) and 4(19-CAS) to HAV for Michael Brantley, 1(18-HAV) and 5000 pts.
  12/28/17 NEN sends Travis Shaw to HAV for Aaron Altherr and Mikie Mahtook.
  12/24/17 NEN sends Anthony Rizzo and Jon Lester to RRR for Jonathon Schoop, Sonny Gray and Paul Goldschmidt.
  08/31/17 NFD claims R. Torreyes and releases Robinson Chirinos.
  08/31/17 MIN claims Sergio Romo and releases Andre Ethier.
  08/31/17 WOT claims Howie Kendrick and Mark Reynolds and releases Francisco Liriano and Brett Lawrie.
  08/31/17 HAV Claims Mikie Mahtook, Caleb Joseph, Randall Delgardo and Carlos Estevez.
  08/31/17 HAV releases Jonathan Papelbon, Tony Kemp, Charlie Morton and Jon Gant.
  08/27/17 HDB sends Madison Bumgarner to MIN for 1(18-MIN) and 2(18-MIN).
  07/30/17 WOT releases: Jose Iglesias and Adam Wainwright and claims Chris Taylor and David Hernandez.
  07/30/17 HAV releases Carter Capps, Daniel Mengden, Travis Jankowski and Aaron Blair and claims Aaron Altherr, Chad Kuhl,
    Tony Kemp and Charlie Morton.
  07/20/17 CAS sends Sean Newcomb to LIS for Tyler Naquin and 309 pts.
  06/30/17 WOT claims Chad Green, Brandon McCarthy, Marwin Gonzalez and Mike Minor.
  06/30/17 WOT releases Francisco Rodriguez, Ben Revere, Pablo Sandoval and Melvin Upton.
  06/30/17 PHX claims Chase Anderson.
  06/29/17 PHX sends Carlos Carrasco, David Phelps and 500 points to CAS for Ryan Zimmerman.
  06/28/17 PHX sends Sandy Leon to NFD for Austin Hedges.
  03/21/17 HSG sends 4(17-HSG) to WOT for 200 points.
  03/20/17 CLT sends 3(17-CLT) to DCP for 300 points.
  03/19/17 LIS sends 4(17-LIS) to HAV for 150 points.
  03/19/17 LIS sends 3(17-LIS) to DCP for 300 points.
  03/19/17 NFD sends 3(18-NFD) to PHX for 3(17-PHX).
  03/19/17 NBR sends 2(17-NBR) and 2(17-NBR-COMP) to DCP for 875 points.
  03/19/17             HAV sends 3(17-NEN) to MIN for 250 points.
  03/19/17 NEN sends Bandon Phillips, 2(17-MON) and 3(17-NEN) to HAV for 500 points.
  03/19/17 NEN sends 1(18-NEN) to HSG for 2(17-HSG).
  03/18/17 FLP sends Cesar Hernandez to PHX for Todd Frazier.
  03/17/17 NEN sends Bartolo Colon, 3(17-CAS), 4(17-NEN) and 1811 points to CAS for 1(17-CAS-Comp).
  03/16/17 2017 General Draft
  03/14/17 BTD sends Miguel Cabrera to HAV for 1(17-BTD), Jake Thompson, and Brad Miller.
  03/13/17 HAV sends [P] Sean Newcomb to CAS for 1 point.
  03/08/17 CLT sends Brandon Belt, Roberto Osuna, Marcel Ozuna, Alex Wood, and 2(17-CLT) to NFD for Leonys Martin, Chris Davis,
    Robert Stephenson, Zach McCallister, Drew Hutchinson, Keona Kela, [P] Carson Fullmer, Joey Gallo, and their 4(17-NFD).
  03/06/17 MON sends Justin Nicolina and 1(17-MON) to WOT for Adam Jones and 5,000 points.
  03/06/17 CAS sends John Lackey to FLP for Jung Ho Kang and 1,250 points.
  03/06/17 NFD sends 2(17-NFD) and 3(17-NFD) to DCP for 2(18-DCP).
  03/05/17 CAS sends Pedro Strop to FLP for 1 point.
  03/05/17 HSG sends A.J. Schugel to PHX for 1 point.
  03/05/17 HSG sends Alex Gordon and C.J. Cron to NBR for 1 point.
  03/05/17 HSG trades Jeremy Hellickson, Chad Kuhl, Joakim Soria, Melky Cabrera, and Jason Werth to DCP for Sean Manea, Mark Trumbo,
    AJ Schugel, and Jason Heyward.
  03/05/17 CLT sends Joey Rickard to DCP for 1 point.
  03/05/17 CLT sends Homer Bailey to NBR for 1 point.
  03/05/17 CLT sends Carter Capps to HAV for 1 point.
  03/05/17 CLT sends Brandon Guyer and Jon Jay to NBR for 1 point.
  03/04/17 CAS sends Miguel Gonzalez to FLP for 1000 points.
  03/04/17 CAS sends Jeff Samardzija to LIS for 2000 Points.
  03/04/17 HAV sends Frankie Montas to DCP for 1 point.
  03/04/17 MON sends Derek Norris to PHX for 1 point.
  03/04/17 CLT sends Michael Wacha and David Peralta to LIS for 1 point
  03/03/17 PHX sends Mitch Moreland to HDB for 1 point.
  02/23/17 CLT sends Marcus Semien, Santiago Casilla, and Avasail Garcia to FLP for 3 points.
  02/23/17 CLT sends Jason Werth to HSG for JJ Hardy and Mark Reynolds.
  02/20/17 NBR sends Adam Duvall, Joey Votto, Felix Hernandez, Russell Martin and Jean Segura to FLP for Eric Hosmer, Matt Moore,
    Cameron Rupp, Kelvin Herrera, Sueng Hwan Oh, [P] Carson Kelly, [P] Delvin Perez and Paulo Orlando.
  02/18/17 MON sends Jarrod Dyson and Josh Harrison to NFD for Travis d'Arnaud and 250 points.
  02/14/17 MON sends Daniel Murphy, Tanner Roark, Nick Markakis, Didi Gregorious and 1000 points to DCP for AJ Pollock,
    Andrelton Simmons and Yasmany Tomas.
  02/14/17 CLT sends 3(18-CLT) to HAV for [P] Jharel Cotton and Nori Aoki.
  02/14/17 CLT sends ss [P] JP Crawford to FLP for Alex Reyes.
  02/13/17 HSG sends Andrew McCutchen, Matt Moore, Jung Ho Kang, Kennys Vargas, Jedd Gyorko and 3(17-HSG) to FLP for
    Joakim Soria, JD Martinez, Charlie Blackmon and Alex Gordon.
  02/13/17 DCP sends Jonathon Papelbon, Nori Aoki, and [P] Kevin Maitan to HAV for 1500 points.
  02/13/17 NBR sends Kevin Kaiermaier to DCP for Avisail Garcia, Ryan McMahon, Edinson Volquez, Mike Minor, Randall Deldago and Ishi Iwakuma.
  02/12/17 LIS sends Robinson Canoe and Dellin Betances to CAS for Gerrit Cole, Jason Kipnis and Hector Rondon.
  02/12/17 CLT sends Jose Fernandez and Nate Jones to DCP for Jonathan Schoop, Adonis Garcia, Alex Wood, Homer Bailey and [P] Kolby Allard.
  02/11/17 DCP sends Ozzie Albies, Aaron Altherr, Wei-Yen Chen and 1(18-DCP) to WOT for Alex Colome, Chris Devenski,
    Ian Kennedy and 3(18-WOT).
  02/09/17 FLP sends David Price to CAS for 2(18-CAS).
  02/09/17 FLP sends Chris Sale, Danny Duffy, Yordano Ventura, and Ben Zobrist to CAS for 3(18-CAS) and 1 point.
  02/09/17 HAV sends Joe Kelly to HSG for 1 point.
  02/09/17 NBR sends Braden Shipley, CJ Edwards, Erik Johnson, Nick Martinez, Jacob Turner, Willin Rosario, Jhoulys Chacin,
    Paco Rodriguez, Brandon Morrow and Charlie Furbush to HAV for Yangervis Solarte and Clay Buchholz.
  02/07/17 HSG sends Stephen Strasburg, James Paxton, Cameron Maybin and Wil Myers to PHX for
    Jose De Leon, Javier Baez, Adrian Gonzalez, Brandon Finnegan, Andrew Toles and Hyun-jin Ryu.
  02/07/17 HAV sends Angel Pagan to HDB for Kelby Tomlinson and Joe Kelly.
  02/07/17 WOT sends Andrew Miller to PHX for Cody Bellinger.
  02/06/17 HAV sends Jay Bruce to BTD for Tyler Goeddel, Jake Thompson, AJ Cole and Roenis Elias.
  02/05/17 HAV sends Yasmany Tomas, Lonnie Chisenhall, AJ Schugel, Steve Brault, and Sean Manea to DCP for
    Mallex Smith, James McCann, Shelby Miller, Jimmy Nelson, Mauricio Cabrera, John Gant, and [P] Sean Newcomb.
  02/05/17 HAV sends Miguel Gonzalez and 1 point to CAS for Ryon Healy, Sean Manaea, [P] Frankie Montas, and Michael Brantley.
  02/04/17 HAV sends Brett Lawrie to WOT for Danny Espinosa.
  02/04/17 WOT sends Sean Doolittle to LIS for 1 point.
  02/04/17 HSG sends A.J. Schugel, Archie Bradley, Mike Foltynewicz, Brad Miller, Adam Frazier, Kolton Wong, Jorge Soler and
    [P] Steven Breault to HAV for Raisel Iglesias, Steve Pearce, Devon Mesoraco, Carson Smith and Andrew McCutchen.
  02/02/17 HSG sends Alex Cobb to NFD for 1 point.
  02/02/17 HSG sends AJ Griffin to HAV for 1 point.
  02/02/17 CAS sends AJ Puk and 1(18-CAS) to WOT for John Lackey and 5(17-WOT).
  01/31/17 CAS sends Jason Werth to CLT for 1 point.
  01/31/17 CAS sends Francisco Liriano to WOT for 1 point.
  01/28/17 CAS sends [P] Jharel Cotton and [P] Brent Honeywell to HAV for Jeff Samardzija.
  01/28/17 NEN sends Martin Prado to MON for 2(17-MON).
  01/28/17 HAV sends Corey Dickerson to WOT for 1 point.
  10/03/16 HAV releases [P] Alex Jackson and moves [P] Raimel Tapia to the 40 man roster.
  09/30/16 LIS claims Luis Sardinas and releases Brett Oberholzer and Austin Jackson.
  09/30/16 NEN claims Tyler Flowers and releases Justin Masterson
  09/30/16 HSG claims JJ Hardy, Mark Reynolds, Carlos Torres, Kennys Vargas and Jedd Gyorko and releases Bobby Bradley,
    Ruby DelaRosa, Matt Adams, Adam Lind and Fernando Rodney.
  08/31/16 HDB claims Sergio Romo and releases Dillon Gee.
  08/31/16 WOT claims Dalton Pompey and Darwin Barney and releases Arodys Vizcaino and Jarred Cosart.
  08/01/16 MON releases Rafael Montero and adds [P] Brandon Nimmo to the the 40 man roster.
  08/01/16 PHX releases Omar Infante and adds [P] Julio Urias to the 40 man roster.
  07/31/16 HSG claims Cameron Maybin, Melky Cabrera, Addison Reed, Fernando Rodney and Mike Foltyniewicz and releases
    Dalton Pompey. Carlos Gomez, Junichi Tazawa, Geremy Guthrie and Henderson Alvarez.
  07/31/16 NEN claims Kurt Suzuki and releases Matt Dominguez.
  07/31/16 NEN sends AJ Pierzynski (and pays his remaining salary) to CAS for 3(17-CAS).
  07/25/16 WOT sends [P] Gleyber Torres and 3(17-WOT) to LIS for Trayce Thompson.
  07/24/16 NEN sends Jon Lester and Shelby Miller to DCP for Anthony DeSclafani and [P] Cody Reed.
  07/24/16 WOT releases Sergio Romo and moves [P] Alex Bregman to the 40 man roster.
  06/29/16 HSG send Chris Archer and Adam Wainwright to WOR for Victor Robles and Jerad Eickhoff.
  06/11/16 NEN releases Will Middlebrooks and moves [P] Yoan Moncada to the 40 man roster.
  05/31/16 HAV claims Matt Latos and releases Hector Noesi.
  03/22/16 WOT sends 5(16-WOT) to HAV for 50 points.
  03/20/16 CAS sends 3(16-NBR) to HAV for 750 points.
  03/19/16 MIN sends Mark Buehrle, Pedro Strop and 4500 points to CAS for 3(16-CAS) and 2(17-CAS).
  03/19/16 HSG sends 3(16-HSG) to NEN for 2(17-NEN).
  03/19/16 WOT sends 1100 points and 4(16-NBR) to NBR for 2(16-DCP).
  03/17/16 HSG sends 2(16-HSG) to CAS for 1(17-CAS).
  03/17/16 HSG sends 1(16-HSG) to HAV for 1(17-HAV).
  03/17/15 2016 General Draft
  03/10/16 DCP sends Jace Peterson to MIN for 750 points.
  03/10/16 DCP sends Matt Wisler to LIS for 1 point.
  03/10/16 DCP sends Matt Olson to BTD for 1 point.
  03/10/16 CLT sends Hunter Harvey to CAS for 1 point.
  03/08/16 DCP sends Santiago Casilla to CLT for Wei-Yin Chen.
  03/05/16 WOT send Yovani Gallardo to NEN for 1 point.
  03/04/16 FLP sends Eric Aybar to LIS for 1 point.
  03/04/16 NBR sends Alex Rodriguez to DCP for 2(16-DCP).
  03/04/16 HSG sends Mark Buerhle and David Dahl to MIN for Jeremy Hellickson.
  03/04/16 BTD sends Carlos Ruiz and Austin Hedges to DCP for A.J. Cole.
  03/03/16 LIS sends David Phelps to PHX for 1 point.
  03/03/16 NFD sends ommy Milone to MON for 1 point
  03/03/16 LIS sends 2(16-COMP) to BTD for Adam Eaton and Jimmy Rollins.
  03/03/16 NBR sends Matt Kemp to MON for Sean Gilmartin.
  03/03/16 DCP sends Dalton Pompey HSG Mark Trumbo and Ryan Hanigan.
  03/03/16 PHX sends Pedro Baez to DCP for 1 point.
  03/03/16 FLP sends Christian Colon and Wade Miley to PHX for 2 points.
  03/03/16 PHX sends Lonnie Chisenhall to HAV for 1 point.
  03/03/16 FLP sends Chris Young to NEN for 1 point.
  03/03/16 HTD sends Erik Aybar to FLP for 500 points.
  03/03/16 CAS sends Albert Pujols to HTD for 1 point.
  02/16/16 CAS sends Ryan Howard to SAG for 1 point.
  02/14/16 CAS sends Dan Haren, Ubaldo Jiminez, Carlos Ruiz and Brandon McCarthy to BTD for 4 points.
  02/07/16 WOT sends 3(16-NBR) and 500 points to CAS for Prince Fielder.
  02/02/16 HSG sends Marco Estrada, Jaime Garcia, Jordan Zimmerman, DJ Lemehieu, Jon Singleton, and Carlos Villanueva to
    BTD for Stephen Strasburgh, Marcus Stroman, Adam Wainwright, Kolten Wong, Junichi Tazawa, Mark Buerhle.
  02/02/16 HSG sends Mark Teixiera and Ryan Howard to CAS for Matt Adams, CJ Cron, Melvin Upton, Archie Bradley, David Dahl, and Sean Manea.
  02/02/16 BTD sends AJ Burnett, Matt Cain, Braden Shipley, Adam LaRoche, Alan Craig and Jacob Turner to NBR for 2 points.
  02/02/16 NEN sends Yovani Gallardo to WOT for 1 point.
  02/02/16 NEN sends Scott Feldman to NBR for 1 point.
  02/01/16 CAS sends Shin-Soo Choo and Trevor Rosenthal to PHX for Prince Fielder and Brad Ziegler.
  02/01/16 MON sends David Price and Dioner Navarro to WOT for Jose Bautista and Josh Harrison.
  02/01/16 CAS sends Marcus Semien and Koji Uehara to CLT for 500 points.
  02/01/16 CAS sends Brandon Phillips to NEN for 200 points.
  02/01/16 HAV sends 1700 points to CAS for Mark Canha and Nick Castellanos.
  01/31/16 BTD sends Edwin Encarnacion, Jason Werth, Brandon Phillips, and Koji Uehara to CAS for Stephen Strasburg, Adsrubal Cabrera and AJ Ramos.
  01/31/16 WOT sends Scooter Gennett to PHX for 1 point.
  01/31/16 WOT sends Adam Lind to HSG for 1 point.
  01/14/16 HSG sends Anthony Gose to PHX for Ian Kennedy.
  01/10/16 HSG sends Edwin Jackson and Alex Colome to WOT for Vincent Velazquez and Rick Porcello.
  01/10/16 HSG sends Shelby Miller to NEN for [P] Andrew Benintendi, Christian Vazquez and AJ Griffin.
  01/09/16 WOT sends Kyle Hendricks, Jameson Taillon, Jose Berrios, and Kohl Stewart to MIN for Zack Greinke.
  01/08/16 HAV sends Casey Kelly to WOT for 1 point.
  01/07/16 HAV sends 2(16-BTD) to WOT for Jeff Samardjiza.
  01/07/16 NBR sends Glyber Torres, Sergio Romo, David Ortiz, 3(16-NBR) and 4(16-NBR) to WOT for Troy Tulowitzki.
  01/07/16 BTD sends Patrick Corbin, Cory Spangenberg, Casey Kelly, Chris Withrow, Carson Smith, Devin Mesoraco, Angel Pagan, 2(16-BTD),
    1(17-BTD), 2(17-BTD) to HAV for Evan Longoria, Edwin Encarnacion, Jayson Werth, Austin Hedges, Adam Eaton, Adam LaRoche,
    Matt Cain, 4(17- HAV) and 5(17-HAV).
  01/06/16 HAV sends Joe Mauer to MIN for 1 point.
  01/05/16 WOT sends Mark Buerhle and Junichi Tazawa to BTD for 2 points.
  01/04/16 CLT sends Jay Bruce, Nathan Eovaldi, Zach McAllister, Joe Mauer, Miguel Gonzalez, Mike Wright, and [P] Christian Walker to HAV for Jered
    Weaver, Jon Jay, Marcel Ozuna, [P] Matt Olson, 1(16-CAS), 4(16-HAV) and 5(16-HAV).
  01/04/16 HAV sends Matt Wieters and 2000 points to CLT for 1 point.
  01/04/16 BTD sends Justin Ruggiano, Michael McKenry and Mike Mongomery to NBR for Hanley Ramirez, Josh Hamilton, Chris Withrow, Jacob Turner,
    Matt Harrison, Alan Craig, Zac Rosscup and Tony Cingrani.
  01/04/16 NBR sends Jordan Zimmerman, Matt Moore, Alex Cobb, and Carlos Gomez to HSG for Trevor Bauer, Nick Martinez, Josh Hamilton,
    Allen Craig, Chris Withrow, and Arquimedes Caminero.
  01/04/16 NBR sends Corey Kluber, [P] Franklin Baretto and 2(16-NBR) to NFD for Mike Leake, Daniel Hudson and 5(16-NFD).
  01/03/16 HDB sends Tim Hudson and 2000 points to HAV for 1 point.
  01/01/16 PHX sends 2(16-PHX) to HDB for Khris Davis.
  01/01/16 NBR sends Jimmy Rollins to BTD for 1 point.
  12/30/15 MON sends Carlos Rodon, Kole Calhoun and Antonio Bastardo to CLT for Ian Kinsler and Derek Norris.
  12/27/15 HAV sends [P] Reese McGuire to WOT for 100 points.
  12/26/15 NBR sends Colby Rasmus to HDB for Darren O'Day and George Kontas.
  12/23/15 CLT sends Yangervis Solarte to HAV for Brian Dozier.
  12/23/15 CLT sends Brett Lawrie, Adam Eaton, and Colin Moran to HAV for Billy Burns and JP Crawford.
  12/22/15 HAV sends Dallas Keuchel, David Robertson, Justin Ruggiano, and Roenis Elias to BTD for Pedro Alvarez, Pablo Sandoval, Ian Desmond,
    Travis Jankowski, Daniel Norris, Andrew Cashner, Kris Medlen, Doug Fister, Greg Holland, and [P] JP Crawford.
  12/22/15 CLT sends Odrisamer Despaigne to HAV for 1 point.
  12/22/15 HSG sends Clay Buchholz, Jason Castro and Matt Wieters to HAV for Yadier Molina.
  12/17/15 HAV sends Brandon Crawford and James Shields to CAS for 1(16-CAS), [P] Matt Olson, Jacob Nottingham, Chris Bassitt and Billy Burns.
  08/31/15 WOT claims Randy Choate and releases Mike Foltynewicz.
  08/31/15 HSG claims Nick Martinez and releases Kyle Kendrick.
  08/31/15 WOT claims Geovany Soto and releases Casey McGehee.
  08/31/15 HSG claims Josh Hamilton and releases Stephen Drew.
  08/31/15 WOT claims Arodys Vizcaino and releases Rene Rivera.
  08/31/15 HSG claims Ruby DeLaRosa and releases Cory Luebke.
  08/31/15 WOT claims Franklin Gutierrez and releases Dan Straily.
  08/31/15 MIN claims Ike Davis.
  08/31/15 HSG claims Carlos Villanueva and releases Scott Baker.
  08/28/15 HSG sends Corey Kluber, Paco Rodriguez, Colby Rasmus, and Jacob Turner to NBR for Chris Archer, James Paxton,
    Ryan Howard, and Alex Colome.
  08/22/15 BTD sends [P] Michael Taylor to SAG for Doug Fister.
  08/20/15 NBR sends 1(16-NBR) and Nate Jones to CLT for Russell Martin.
  08/20/15 MIN sends Danny Santana to WOT for Trevor Plouffe.
  08/14/15 HAV sends Joe Mauer, Derek Norris, Zach McAllister, Odrismer Depaigne, Mike Napoli, Nate Eovaldi and Yangervis Solarte to
    CLT for Edwin Encarnacion, Yadier Molina, Bud Norris, Ryan Cook, Craig Gentry, Paul Konerko, Joaquin Arias and Chad Billingsley.
  08/14/15 NFD releases Justin De Fratus.
  08/14/15 WOT sends Burke Badenhop to NFD for 1point.
  08/12/15 HSG sends Clayton Kershaw, Carlos Gonzalez, Archie Bradley, Casey Gillaspie, and David Dahl to CAS for Lucas Giolito,
    Jorge Soler, Addison Russell, Trevor Bauer, Alex Gordon, and 5(16-CAS).
  08/11/15 WOT sends Scott Kazmir and [P] Preston Tucker to NFD for Jose Bautista and [P] Jameson Taillon.
  08/09/15 BTD sends Eddie Butler, Kevin Quackenbush and Jonathon Broxton to HAV for [P] Mike Montgomery and [P] Carson Smith.
  07/31/15 WOT claims Mark Buehrle and Camerin Maybin and releases Josh Rutledge and Ike Davis.
  07/31/15 HAV sends 2(16-HAV), Kartel Marte, Eric Sogard and Jhonny Peralta to HDB for Matt Cain, Jon Jay, Adam Laroche and 1,553 points.
  07/31/15 NBR sends John Lackey to PHX for Alex Cobb and 125 points.
  07/31/15 HSG sends Alcides Escobar, Anthony Gose and Kyle Schwarber to WOT for Troy Tulowitzki and Dan Straily.
  07/31/15 PHX sends Michael Brantley and 400 points to BTD for 1(16-BTD).
  07/30/15 LIS releases Kyle Drabek and adds [P] Luis Severino to the roster.
  06/30/15 CAS claims Logan Forsythe and Ubaldo Jiminez and releases AJ Ellis.
  05/31/15 CAS claims Andre Ethier.
  03/31/15 NBR sends 3(15-NBR) to NFD for 400 points.
  03/29/15 HAV sends 3(15-BTD) to HDB for 150 points.
  03/27/15 BTD sends Jedd Gyorko to NBR for 25 points.
  03/27/15 2015 General Draft
  03/06/15 HAV sends Trevor Rosenthal to CAS for 1(15-BTD).
  03/03/15 HSG sends Josmil Pinto to LIS for 1 point.
  03/03/15 CAS sends 1(15-NBR), Jonathon Broxton and 2,319 points to BTD for Yasmani Grandal and Jordy Mercer.
  03/02/15 BTD sends Ryan Cook to CLT for 1 point.
  03/02/15 CLT sends Ryan Braun CAS for 1 point.
  03/01/15 CLT sends Asdrubal Cabrera to CAS for 1 point.
  03/01/15 MON sends Alejandro DeAza to CLT for 1 point.
  03/01/15 CLT sends Dustin Ackley to PHX for 1 point.
  03/01/15 PHX sends Jordy Mercer to BTD for 1 point.
  03/01/15 HAV sends Stephen Piscotty to PHX for 1 point.
  03/01/15 HAV sends Dexter Fowler to NEN for 1 point.
  02/28/15 BTD sends Josmil Pinto to HSG for 1 point.
  02/28/15 CLT sends Jason Castro to HSG for 1 point.
  02/28/15 PHX sends Chris Withrow, Paco Rodriguez and Jaime Garcia to HSG for 3 points.
  02/28/15 PHX sends Ike Davis to WOT for 1 point.
  02/24/15 NOP sends Manny Machado to CLT for Dustin Pedroia, AJ Cole and 1(16-HAV).
  02/16/15 MIN sends A.J. Burnett, Kris Medlen, Pedro Alvarez, and 3151 points to BTD for 1 point.
  02/15/15 BTD sends Justin Ruggiano, Yangervis Solarte, Hiroki Kuroda, and Odrismer Despaigne to HAV for Mike Napoli,
    Eddie Butler, Lance Lynn and 3(16-HAV).
  02/11/15 BTD sends Matt Adams and Shin-Shoo Choo to CAS for Justin Turner, Zach Britton and Steven Vogt.
  02/11/15 BTD sends Jesse Hahn, Chris Taylor and Kenley Janssen to LIS for Wade Davis.
  02/11/15 HAV sends Dustin Ackley, Alex Avila, 2(15-CAS) and 2(16-CAS) to CLT for 2 points.
  02/11/15 NBR sends James Loney, Justin Upton and 667 points to LIS for Joey Votto and Tony Cingrani.
  02/10/15 HAV sends Brandon Moss and Charlie Morton to CAS for 2(15-CAS), 2(16-CAS) and 250 points.
  02/10/15 HAV sends Jeremy Hellickson to MIN for 1000 points.
  02/10/15 MON sends Aaron Hicks to HDB for Rafael Soriano.
  02/09/15 CLT sends Trevor Rosenthal to HAV for Brandon Belt.
  02/08/15 WOT sends Drew Smyly, Henderson Alvarez, [P] Archie Bradley, Edwin Jackson, and [P] Wilton Lopez  to HSG for
    Michael Cuddyer, Sean Doolittle, Joakim Soria and Mike Fiers
  02/03/15 BTD sends Phillip Hughes to MIN for Brandon Phillips.
  02/03/15 CLT sends Jhonny Peralta to HAV for 1(16-HAV).
  02/03/15 WOT sends Wi Yen Chen, Brett Lawrie, Justin Smoak, John Axford, and Adam Dunn to CLT for Junichi Tazawa and Chris Johnson.
  02/02/15 CLT sends Lance Lynn, Charlie Morton, Jayson Werth, and Austin Hedges to HAV for Bud Norris, Adam Eaton, Jake Odorizzi,
    Trea Turner, Adsrubal Cabrera, Cameron Maybin, and Brandon Barnes.
  02/01/15 CLT sends Patrick Corbin to BTD for Dylan Bundy, Earnest Frieri, Brian Wilson and Rex Brothers.
  01/31/15 HSG sends Paul Konerko, Ubaldo Jiminez and 2 points to CLT for Clay Bucholtz, Allen Craig and Dan Straily.
  01/31/15 WOT sends Ben Revere to NEN for 1(15-NEN).
  01/31/15 WOT sends Nathan Eovaldi to HAV for 1(15-HSG).
  01/28/15 CLT sends Edward Mujica to MIN for 1 point.
  01/28/15 CLT sends Albert Pujols, Kevin Seigrist and AJ Ellis to CAS for 3 points.
  01/28/15 CLT sends Jeremy Affeldt to PHX fro 1 point.
  01/28/15 HAV sends Kyle Kendrick to HSG for 1 point.
  01/28/15 CLT sends Matt Adams, Michael Choice and [P] JP Crawford to BTD for Edwin Encarnacion, Craig Gentry, Chad Billingsly, [P] AJ Cole
    and [P] Joe Ross.
  01/28/15 CLT sends Miguel Montero, Brian Dozier, Jered Weaver and Steve Piscotty to HAV for Dustin Pedroia, Jarrod Parker, Sonny Gray,
    Joaquin Arias, Dan Straily and Logan Forsythe.
  01/26/15 NBR sends [P] David Dahl, Jhoulys Chacin, and Will Myers to HSG for Hanley Ramirez and Joe Smith.
  01/26/15 NBR sends Alex Gordon and Brandon McCarthy to CAS for Jason Hammel, Al Alburquerque, and Jimmy Rollins.
  01/26/15 HAV sends Robbie Erlin to HDB for 1 point.
  01/25/15 NFD sends Jeremy Hellickson to HAV for 250 points.
  01/25/15 HSG sends Dexter Fowler, Brandon Moss, Mike Napoli, Will Smith to HAV for Mark Trumbo, DJ LeMaheiu, Jon Singleton, Wilmer Flores
    and Brad Miller.
  01/24/15 BTD sends Joe Mauer, Dustin Pedroia, James Shields and [P] Trea Turner to HAV for Pablo Sandoval, Kolton Wong, Edinson Volquez,
    Chris Taylor and [P] Braden Shipley.
  01/24/15 PHX sends Dayan Viciedo to NFD for 1 point.
  01/24/15 PHX sends [P] Jorge Soler, Nick Castellanos and [P] Zach Lee to CAS for Adrian Gonzalez, Jake McGee and Dale Thayer.
  01/23/15 MON sends Mark Buerhle to HDB for Torii Hunter.
  01/23/15 HDB sends Brandon Crawford and 2(15-HAV) to HAV for Wily Peralta.
  01/23/15 HAV sends Yeonis Cespedes to MIN for [P] Eddie Butler and 1(15-HSG).
  01/22/15 NBR sends Steven Drew, Mark Teixiera, Paul Konerko and [P] Casey Gillaspie to HSG for Francisco Rodriguez and 2 points.
  01/22/15 HAV sends Matt Wieters to HSG for Evan Longoria, Alex Avila and [P] Reese McGuire.
  01/22/15 WOT sends Marco Estrada to HSG for 1 point.
  01/21/15 PHX sends Russell Martin, Joc Pederson and 3(16-PHX) to MIN for Denard Span, Huston Street and Danny Hultzon.
  01/21/15 MON sends Ike Davis to PHX for 1 point.
  09/01/14 CAS claims Dale Thayer, Ryan Dempster, Brandon League and releases Logan Morrison, Ross Olhendorf, Jordan Schaefer and Eric Johnson.
  09/01/14 CAS claims Jonathon Broxton and releases Jesus Montero.
  09/01/14 MIN claims Chris Parmelee.
  09/01/14 HSG claims Mike Fiers.
  09/01/14 CAS claims Justin Turner and releases Tyler Thornburg.
  09/01/14 MIN sends Michael Cuddyer to HSG for Domonic Brown and 1(15-HSG).
  08/17/14 CLT sends 1(15-CHK) to HAV for Ryan Braun.
  08/17/14 BTD sends 3(15-BTD) to HAV for Angel Pagan.
  08/16/14 BTD sends 2(15-BTD) to MIN for Carlos Beltran.
  08/14/14 HSG sends 2(15-HSG) and Barry Zito to NFD for CJ Wilson.
  08/08/14 NFD sends David Ortiz to NBR for Mike Leake.
  08/01/14 NBR sends Mike Olt to the CAS for Eric Chavez.
  08/27/14 NFD releases Ryan Madson, Alexei Ogando, Jim Henderson and Michael Bourne.
  07/31/14 HDB releases Travis Blackley.
  07/31/14 NFD sends Koji Uehara to HDB for 3(15-HDB).
  07/31/14 BTD claims JD Martinez.
  06/30/14 CAS claims Ruby De La Rosa, Zach Britton, JA Happ and Jason Hammel.
  06/30/14 NEN claims Brock Holt.
  05/30/14 CAS claims Seth Smith.
  05/30/14 HAV claims Angel Pagan and releases Lucas Harrell.
  03/31/14 CLT sends 4(14-CLT) to HAV for AJ Ellis and 500 points.
  03/29/14 BTD sends 2(14-BTD) to NFD for 600 points.
  03/28/14 BTD sends 1(14-CAS) to NFD for Craig Gentry and 381 points.
  03/27/14 HAV sends 3(14-CLT) to NEN for 100 points.
  03/26/14 NBR sends 2(14-NBR) to HAV for 1000 points.
  03/26/14 CAS sends Miguel Cabrera and Justin Ruggiano to BTD for 1(15-BTD), Ryan Zimmerman, Gerritt Cole, Addison Russell
    and Peter Bourjos.
  03/26/14 HAV sends 4(14-HSG) to CAS for 100 points.
  03/26/14 HAV sends 3(14-PHX) to LIS for 100 points.


2014 General Draft

  03/08/14 CAS sends Jarrod Parker to HAV for 1(14-PHX).
  03/15/14 PHX sends 2(14-PHX) to NEN for 3(15-NEN) and 250 points.
  03/15/14 PHX sends 1(14-PHX) and 3(14-PHX) to HAV for 1(15-HAV) and 3(15-HAV).
  03/08/14 CLT sends David Freese to MON for Edward Mujica.
  03/07/14 NBR sends Matt Dominguez to NEN for 2(15-NEN).
  03/07/14 LIS sends Edinson Volquez to HAV for 1 point.
  03/07/14 WOT sends AJ Cole to BTD for 250 points.
  03/07/14 CLT sends 2(15-CLT) to WOS for Brian Dozier.
  03/07/14 SAG sends Jonny Gomes to PHX for 500 points.
  03/07/14 NBR sends Joe Quintana to LIS for 2(15-LIS) and 1000 points.
  03/07/14 SAG sends Will Smith to HSG for 1 point.
  03/06/14 NBR sends Kyle Blanks to HSG for 1 point.
  03/06/14 NBR sends Logan Morrison and 1(15-NBR) to CAS for 1 point.
  03/06/14 PHX sends Edwin Jackson to WOT for 1 point.
  03/06/14 HAV sends 1(14-CLT) and 3(14-HSG) to WOT for Ryan Braun and 4000 points.
  03/06/14 CLT sends Franklin Guitierrez to MIN for 1 point.
  03/06/14 NBR sends Aaron Hicks to MON for 1 point.
  03/06/14 BTD sends Trevor Cahill to NFD for Peter Bourjos and 939 points.
  03/06/14 HAV sends Drew Pomeranz and Jacob Turner to HSG for 3(14-HSG) and 4(14-HSG).
  03/05/14 SAG sends Eric Chavez and BJ Upton to CAS for 1000 points.
  03/05/14 HSG sends Howie Kendrick, Lance Berkman and Ryan Madson to NFD for 1 point.
  03/05/14 HSG sends Vernon Wells and Al Albuquerque to CAS for 2 points.
  03/05/14 MON sends Barry Zito andd 1,169 points to HSG for 1 point.
  02/22/14 HSG sends Miguel Montero to CLT for Alex Avila.
  02/20/14 MON sends Mark Trumbo, Wilmer Flores, Wily Peralta and 1(14-MON) to HAV for Mike Zunino, Chris Carter,
    Carlos Villanueva and 2(14-HSG).
  02/18/14 BTD sends Robert Erlin and 4(15-BTD) to HAV for Jonathen Papalbon.
  02/18/14 HSG sends Dan Haren and Jeff Locke to CAS for Dexter Fowler and Joe Smith.
  02/18/14 LIS sends Jesus Montero to CAS for 1 point.
  02/18/14 LIS sends Phil Hughes to BTD for 1 point.
  02/04/14 HAV sends Michael Bourn to NFT for 1 point.
  02/02/14 MON sends Todd Frazier to PHX for 2(15-PHX).
  02/02/14 PHX sends Jonathon Papelbon to HAV for Jaime Garcia and Jason Vargas.
  02/02/14 HAV sends Eric Kratz to PHX for 1 point.
  02/02/14 HAV sends Eric Young to MON for 1 point.
  01/28/14 HAV sends Yonder Alonso, Jon Jay, Joe Kelly, and 2(15-HAV) to HDB for Brandon Belt, Jacob Turner, Derek Norris and Dustin Ackley.
  01/27/14 HAV sends Taylor Guerrieri to HSG for 3(15-HSG).
  01/27/14 BTD sends Kolton Wong and Cameron Maybin to HAV for 1 point.
  01/27/14 BTD sends Jarrod Parker, Francisco Liriano, Dexter Fowler, Jason Kipnis, and Trevor Bauer to CAS for Shin Soo-Choo, Cole Hamels,
    Fernando Rodney, Ryan Cook, Angel Pagan, and Scott Rolen.
  01/27/14 BTD sends Jeff Samardzija, Alcides Escobar and 1(14-BTD) to WOT for Ian Desmond.
  01/24/14 HAV sends Cole Hamels to CAS for Sonny Gray and Jose Tabata.
  01/23/14 HAV sends Pat Corbin, Adeiney Hechevarria and Michael Choice to CLT for Oscar Taveras, Jaime Garcia and Carlos Villanueva.
  01/23/14 NEN sends Kyle Kendrick and Alex Wilson to HAV for Blake Swihart and Matt Barnes.
  01/23/14 CLT sends Eric Young Jr and Michael Bourn to HAV for 50 points.
  01/20/14 HAV sends Dillon Gee and Tim Stauffer to HSG fro 2 points.
  01/18/14 PHX sends Alex Rios, Ryan Hanigan and Craig Breslow to HSG for Omar Infante, Jordy Mercer and Jenrry Mejia.
  01/18/14 NEN sends Ryan Howard to NBR for Michael Young.
  01/18/14 HAV sends Felix Hernandez, Charlie Furbush and 1(14-HAV) to NBR for Drew Pomeranz, Dan Straily, Taylor Guerreri, Jake Odorizzi
    and Adam Eaton.
  01/18/14 HAV sends Mike Napoli,Ervin Santana and Brandon Moss to HSG for Joe Kelly, Jonathon Singleton, Chris Carter and 2(14-HSG).
  01/18/14 HAV sends Ian Kinsler, Adam Jones, Jason Castro, Jeremy Affeldt, 5(14-HAV) and 4(15-HAV) to CLT for Jon Jay, Darwin Barney, AJ Ellis
    1(14-CLT), 2(14-CLT) and 3(14-CLT).
  01/18/14 HAV sends Jordon Lyles, Lorenzo Cain, 3(14-CAS), 4(14-CAS) and 5(14-CAS) to CAS for Felix Hernandez and Cole Hamels.
  07/31/13 CLT claims Jason Werth, Hak Ju Le, Tony Sanchez and JD Martinez and releases Dee Gordon, Bryan LaHair, Luis Cruz and Andrew Bailey.
  07/31/13 HSG sends Erik Kratz to HAV for Brett Myers.
  07/31/13 HSG claims Jeff Locke and releases Hector Noesi.
  07/31/13 NEN claims Adam Lind.
  06/28/13 HAV claims Yorvit Torrealba and releases Danny Valencia.
  06/28/13 MIN claims Tyler Flowers and releases Mike Pelfry.
  06/02/13 NBR claims John Lackey and Tanner Scheppers and releases Tyler Flowers and Bryan Villarreal.
  06/02/13 NEN claims Reymond Fuentas.
  06/01/13 HAV releases [P] Brandon Maurer and [P] Hak-Ju Lee.
  06/01/13 NEN sends [P] Matt Barnes and [P] Blake Swihart to HAV for AJ Griffin.
  04/30/13 NBR claims Mark Melancon and releases Brad Boxberger.
  04/30/13 HSG claims Hector Noesi and releases Jonny Venters.
  04/30/13 NBR claims Jed Lowrie and releases Brendan Ryan.
  04/30/13 HSG claims Vernon Wells and releases Emilio Bonafacio.
  04/30/13 HAV claims Adeiny Hechevarria.
  03/31/13 CAS sends [P] Brandon Maurer, AJ Griffin, Joel Hanrahan, Tim Stauffer, Jordon Lyles, Lorenzo Cain, 4(14-CAS) and 5(14-CAS) to
    HAV for Felix Hernandez, Scott Atchison, Ross Ohlendorf, Ryan Ludwick, Ryan Perry, Jose Tabata and 5,962 points.
  03/29/13 RWL sends Logan Forsythe to HAV for Kurt Suzuki.


  03/27/13 BTD sends 5(13-BTD) to NBR for 50 points.
  03/27/13 RWL sends 5(13-RWL) to NBR for 50 points.
  03/27/13 CHK sends 5(13-CHK) to NBR for 50 points.
  03/27/13 CHK sends Jake Westbrook and 4(13-HSG) to NBR for Mike Aviles and 250 points.
  03/26/13 SAG sends 3(13-HAV) to CLT for 500 points.
  03/26/13 SAG sends 4(13-SAG) to PHX for 250 points.
  03/26/13 BTD sends 3(13-BTD) and 4(13-BTD) to CLT for 1000 points.
  03/23/13 HAV sends Edwin Encarnacion, [P] Addison Russell and [P] Gerritt Cole to BTD for Yonder Alonso, [P] Hak-Ju Lee, 1(13-BTD),
    2(13-ALR) and 2(13-BTD).
  03/13/13 SAG sends Jason Vargas to HAV for 1500 points.
  03/13/13 HAV sends Justin Upton to NBR for 5 points.
  03/13/13 HAV sends Grady Sizemore and 2(14-HAV) to MIN for 1 point.
  03/07/13 BTD sends James McDonald to CAS for 1(14-CAS).
  03/07/13 BTD sends Rafael Furcal to CHK for 1 point.
  03/07/13 BTD sends Dominic Brown and Chris Carter to HSG for 2(13-ALR) and Hak-JuLee.
  03/07/13 BTD sends Brad Boxburger to NBR for Randy Choate.
  03/07/13 AVR sends Jeff Francoeur and Johnny Venters to HSG for 2 points.
  03/07/13 MIN sends Grady Sizemore, Zach McAllister, 1(13-MIN) and 300 points to HAV for 3(13-MON).
  03/07/13 SAG sends Jeremy Affeldt to HAV for 1 point.
  03/07/13 HSG sends Drew Pomeranz and Jhoulys Chacin to NBR for Dan Haren and 2000 points.
  03/07/13 CLT sends Carlos Zambrano, Joe Kelly and Jason Marquis to HSG for 3 points.
  03/07/13 CAS sends Omar Infante and 3001 points to HSG for 1 point.
  03/06/13 HAV sends 1(13-HAV), 1(13-NEN) and Billy Hamilton to ALR for 1(13-ALR).
  03/06/13 CAS sends Billy Hamilton to HAV for Shaun Marcum and 800 points.
  03/06/13 AVR sends Tyler Clippard to NEN for 4(14-NEN).
  03/06/13 MON sends 4(13-MON) and 1 point to AVR for Brandon league.
  03/06/13 CAS sends Tom Milone to RWL for JA Happ.
  03/06/13 MON sends 3(13-NBR) to HDB for Antonio Bastardo.
  03/06/13 MON sends Jose Tabata to HAV for 4(14-HAV).
  03/01/13 PHX sends Earvin Santana to HAV for Dayan Viciedo.
  03/01/13 CAS sends 2(14-CAS) and 3(14-CAS) to HAV for Justin Ruggiano, Joe Smith and 750 points.
  03/01/13 HAV sends Kirk Nieuwenhuis to MON for 3(13-MON).
  03/01/13 CAS sends Felix Hernandez to HAV for Jered Weaver and 3000 points.
  02/28/13 CLT sends Christian Yellich to NBR forJason Motte.
  02/28/13 LIS sends Johan Santana to MIN for 3(13-MIN) and 2(14-MIN).
  02/28/13 CLT sends Daniel Descalso to HAV for 1 point.
  02/28/13 HSG sends Jared Hughes, Jay Bruce and Franklin Guitierrez to CLT for Shelby Miller, Colby Rasmus, Ryan Lavarnway and Drew
  02/28/13 HAV sends Starling Marte, Logan Morrison, [P] Tiajuan Walker, Dan Straily, James Paxton, John Paxson and 1(13-CAS) to
    NBR for Jered Weaver and Justin Upton.
  02/27/13 RWL sends Chase Utley to HSG for 1 point.
  02/27/13 MON sends Dillon Gee and Kirk Nieuwenhuis to HAV for Mark Trumbo.
  02/27/13 BTD sends Aaron Hill to RWL for  Max Scherzer.
  02\26\13 MON sends [P] Tijuan Walker to HAV for [P] Zach Wheeler.
  02/26/13 CAS sends Dan Straily and Fernando Salas to HAV for Anthony Bass and Jordan Lyles.
  02/25/13 HAV sends Wade Davis and Kyle Seager to LIS for [P] James Paxton and 3(13-LIS).
  02/25/13 HAV sends Josh Reddick to HDB for 1(13-HAV) and Zach Wheeler.
  02/25/13 HAV sends Jeff Karstens to NEN for 1 point. 
  02/23/13 MIN sends Erik Bedard to MON for 1 point.
  02/23/13 BTD sends Tim Lincecum to MIN for Francisco Liriano and Jason Kipnis.
  02/22/13 BTD sends [P] Austin Hedges and Dee Gordon to CLT for [P] Kolten Wong.
  02/22/13 BTD sends Desmond Jennings, Edwin Jackson, Brad Brach and 500 points to PHX for Jeff Samardzija and Kenley Jansen.
  02/21/13 NBR sends Drew Stubbs to ALR for 1 point.
  02/21/13 MON sends Mike Pelfrey and Jose Mijares to MIN for 2 points.
  02/21/13 MON sends Jordan Schafer to CAS for 1 point.
  02/20/13 CAS sends Hanley Ramirez and Jed Lowrie to HSG for 1850 points.
  02/20/13 NEN sends Alcides Escobar to BTD for Kendrys Morales and Chris Heisey.
  02/20/13 CAS sends Shane Victorino and Ichiro Suzuki to NEN for 1500 points.
  02/18/13 HAV sends 2(13-RED) and [P] Gary Brown to HSG for Mike Napoli.
  02/18/13 HSG sends Adrian Gonzalez to CAS for Anthony Rendon and Sean Doolittle.
  02/18/13 HAV sends Tori Hunter to HDB for Pablo Sandoval.
  02/17/13 HAV sends Fernando Salas to CAS for [P] Addison Russell.
  09/08/12 LIS claims Adam Laroche and release Fausto Carmona.
  09/08/12 HAV claims Justin Ruggiano and Ryan Ludwick and releases Jake Arrieta and Rich Harden.
  09/08/12 BTD claims Chris Carter, Brett Wallace, Tyler Colvin, Garrett Jones, Jeff Keppinger, Luke Gregerson and Ronald Belisario
    and releases Daniel Nava, Mike Carp, Jesus Guzman, Jeff Baker, Brennan Boesch, Jordan Walden and Chris Johnson.
  09/08/12 CHK claims Chris Capuano, Carlos Villanueva, Michael McKenry, Juan Pierre, Jake Westbrook and Jason Marquis and releases
    Josh Outman, Dustin Moseley, Ricky Nolasco, Nick Punto, Bruce Chen and Juan Nicasio.
  09/07/12 HSG sends 4(13-HSG) and Ryan Lavarnway to CLT for Brent Lillibridge.
  09/03/12 HSG sends Felix Hernandez, Mitchell Boggs, Blake Hawkesworth, Shin Soo Choo, Martin Prado, Marco Scutaro, Gilly Hamilton,
    Anthony Rendon and 1(13-HSG) to CAS for James Shields, Michael Young, Victor Martinez, Melky Cabrera, David Robertson,
    Rafael Betancourt and Daniel Schlereth.
  08/05/12 BTD claims Jon Jaso.